Jornada del Muerto Part Deux

Jornada del Muerto Part Deux

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Cotton Candy, Lure, Fergie, Lombardi, Boxcar, Bling, Flop, Headgear, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

84 with 95% humidity – the perfect morning to put in some work

1 minute warning and disclaimer


On July 15th I Q’d the workout below based on the Trinity Test – the first atomic bomb test, which occurred on July 16th, 1945 (75 years ago).  Tomorrow (August 6th) happens to be the 75th anniversary of the first atomic bomb dropped during war on Hiroshima.  For PAX that took part in the Q in July it was explained that that was our test run – today is the real deal and everyone should push harder/faster to accelerate past where they were last month.


No COP today, just a quick explanation of the plan and then get to work.  Here’s the plan:
The Manhattan Project (1939 – 1946) was a research undertaking during WWII that produced the first nuclear bombs and the first test of one of those bombs was the Trinity Test on July 16th, 1945 (75 years tomorrow).  The exact origin of the name Trinity Test is not certain, but Trinity=3 and there were 3 viewing bunkers – each 10,000 yards (~5.68 miles) from the test site – North, South, and West of the explosion, so today’s #WaveRucker will be divided into 3 sections.

Evolution #1: This objective will be completed OYO – push yourself!
1. Take ruck and sandbag down Forbus Ct and back (0.3 miles)
2. Drop sandbag and go back down Forbus and back (0.3 miles)
3. Drop ruck and run down Forbus and back (0.3 miles)
Rinse and repeat with the objective of completing at least 2 full rounds.  Evolution ends after 30 minutes!

All PAX demolished this evolution!  No issue completing 2 rounds in the 30 minutes.  All returning PAX easily beat their pace from July.

Evolution #2: Leave sandbags behind and ruck 1 lap around the lake (~1.5 miles from Forbus and back).
During this Evolution, PAX rotated at the front of the group to set the pace.  Unlike last month where YHC called out PAX, this time Headgear led off and each PAX selected who would follow them.  Everyone got a turn and helped keep the pace up.

Again, all PAX demolished the evolution!  Pace for the ruck was at or below the 15 minute mark – strong!!

Evolution #3: Luckily (maybe?) since we moved so fast during Evolution #2, there was extra time for #3.  It would be needed!

The Trinity Test of the plutonium bomb (same model as Fat Man that was dropped on Nagasaki about a month later) was estimated to be equivalent to a maximum of 5 tons of TNT.  This estimate was made by the most brilliant scientists of the time … and was no where close!  After studying readings taken during the explosion, it was determined that it was equivalent to approximately 21 tons of TNT!

So, YHC figured we should all walk/stumble away from this evolution feeling like we had a bomb dropped on us.

21 Sandbag Excercises – 21 reps of each.  No idea if we can accomplish this in 40 minutes, but push hard the whole time!

Before starting, YHC explained that luckily for them the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was only (?) a 15 ton bomb, so we would complete 15 reps instead of 21.  Tomorrow also just so happens to be YHC’s 15th anniversary.

  1. SB Merkins
  2. SB Squats
  3. Lying SB Press
  4. SB Calf Raises
  5. Plank SB Side-to-Side Drag
  6. SB Good Mornings
  7. SB Close Grip Curls (hold the end of the SB)
  8. SB Glute Bridges
  9. SB Front Load Jump Squats
  10. SB Upright Rows
  11. SB Alternating Shoulder PressesAround here (0530) PAX noticed a few raindrops, wind picking up and lightning in the distance.  The next 5 minutes or so was filled with stories of soccer fields being leveled by lightning strikes and Pikachu’s newly fused back from his recent encounter.  At 0535 YHC called the workout due to lightning.  Turns out we made the right call as my ride home seemed like Isaias had made a U-turn back to the Grandstrand!
  12. SB Wide Grip Curls
  13. SB Bounce Lunges
  14. SB Cleans #crowdpleaser
  15. SB Diamond Merkins
  16. SB Bent Over Rows
  17. SB Side Bends
  18. Leg Lifts, SB Overhead
  19. SB Overhead Press
  20. SB Calf Raises
  21. SB Clean & Slam (visualize yourself as the bomb and explode down from the clean)

Count-O-Rama – 9
–  2.0 workouts all Summer on Tuesday @ 1800 – check Slack/Twitter for location
– #FreedToBleed – October 30th at Carolina Forest Rec Center
Prayer requests
– Flop’s 2.0 returning to college tomorrow


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