Returning to Normality

Returning to Normality

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Onecall, Lombardi, Jingles, Valvano, Flop, Hoser (YHC)

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Hurricane Florence has come and went and the residents living in her path are now left to struggle to return to a place of normality. While many are upset, upset that of the flood waters, upset at traffic either when evacuating or returning, upset over loosing everything, upset over the Weather Channels reporters, or upset over the over dramatization of the storm. What ever it is, it doesn’t change the fact that we must return to a state of normality.

For YHC this is my attempt to achieve that. I have not been to a beatdown in over a week. There were several factors for this but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. What matters is that F3 is helping me return to normality. For many of us this is our normal. Waking up at all crazy hours of the morning, working out, carrying heavy stuff in super expensive backpacks over crazy distances, ridding bikes until our legs fall off and are butt is as red as a baboon, swinging every sort of kettle bell that has been invented, or running for no good reason. Our normal is people calling us crazy and saying that what we do is abnormal. So thank you for that.

Several of our PAX had signed up to do the Travis Manion virtual 5K ruck a few months ago. The Travis Manion Foundation teamed up with GoRuck to host a rucking division in the live events and a virtual ruck for those not able to attend a live event. One thing you need to know about ruckers is that we will do anything for a patch. This 5K was to take place during the week of 9/11, and the pax had planned to do this on 9/12. Well Hurricane Florence had other ideas and this got postponed. So with YHC on Q, what better time than today to complete this event. As a bonus the GoRuck Ruck Club call out was a Ranger Pantie Ruck, so we put on our Daisy Dukes of Freedom and got to work.

6 Pax rucked about 3.5 miles this morning. I say about 3.5 because all of our tracking devices had different distances. There was plenty of fellowship as stories were shared about what happened during the storm, where pax evacuated to, stories that happened on return trips, and a few pax came up with an ingenious plan on how we can raise funds to purchase our F3 Myrtle Beach HQ building (trust me you had to be there for that one).  We returned to the parking lot where YHC closed out in prayer.


Keep an eye on slack and twitter, several people in the surrounding areas need help moving their belonging before the flood waters get any worse. Snips and Hoedown are two great point of contacts to get a hold of if you can help.

Prayer Requests

Safety for all. For the first responders, for the military, for the people being displaced.


It was great to see my brothers again, and to get in some good living this morning.

If you would like more information about Travis Manion Foundation please visit


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