Stupid Welcome Party

Stupid Welcome Party

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Bling, Onecall, Valvano, Mr. Jingles (Respect), Lombardi, Launch Pad ( F3 Johnson City TN.), Hoser YHC.

The Thang:

Weather: Breezy, off and on showers. We are assuming that it was the off and on rain showers that kept Geno away this time.

0429: T minus 1 minute given

0430: Introduction and disclaimer given. Pax told to ruck up and we moved to the parking garage.

The Thang: YHC was able to be a shadow for the welcome party of the Myrtle Beach GORUCK Mog Mile Tough. After seeing what the cadre had planned, YHC figured that would be a good workout to bring to waverucker with a few modifications.

On the first level pax did 25 single count merkins with rucks on. Then the pax would ranger shuffle to the next landing.

On the second level pax did 25 thrusters with their rucks. Then the pax would ranger shuffle to the next landing.

On the third level pax did 25 4 count flutter kicks while holding rucks over head or doing ruck presses. Then the pax would ranger shuffle to the next landing.

On the fourth level pax did 15 ruck pt. (this exercise is a 4 count exercise where to start with your ruck on the ground. 1st count is to bring the ruck up and hold it in front of you at chest level, 2nd count is to move the ruck to an overhead position, 3rd count is to bring the ruck back down to the position of the 1st count, 4th count is placing the ruck back on the deck.) This was the crowd favorite this morning, as a it caused the most vocal response from the pax.

After the ruck pt, pax would take a recovery walk back down to the first level and do another set. After three sets YHC called for a halftime timeout and the pax took a recovery walk around the parking garage without rucks to stretch out their shoulders.

The pax then did 2 more rounds for a total of 5 rounds. On the 6th round YHC called an audible and took the time that was slated for the 6th round and used that to lead the pax in some stretching. Something that as a whole I believe we need to do more of.

After the stretching YHC called time and we closed with BOM and COT

Announcements: Myrtle Beach Fire Department is hosting an Open House event on Saturday October 13th from 10Am -2 Pm (Weather permitting) at Fire Station 3 (2108 South Kings Hwy). This is a free event where kids and family can see what the dire department does (other than sleep, eat and watch tv). For more information contact Hoser, or check out the event on Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue Facebook page.

Prayer Requests: No spoken prayer requests this morning.


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