Workout Date:





Wolverine, Jingles (respect) , Gino, Flash, Karma.

The Thang:

70 something medium high humidity.

Well, Headgear texts me last night…. Hey, yea, Dreamliner is our shoulder issues. He cannot Q. You want me to take it? Or, do you want to Q… considering I read the Waverucker backblast…. yea I’ll let you rest. I wanted this Thursday anyway. Considering this is my Ms and Is 11th year married.
so the theme built around the year we where married. 7-9-09.

see twitter for first picture.

Arrived for my early morning run and sprint work to find the track under water…. not a good way to start the morning. I’ll run the lake. Lots of place there as well, sloshy and wet. Oh well we will get it in. Headed back to plant the flag, 0515, arrived to find jingles and karma pulling up, jungles went around the lake while karma did his normal take a nap in the car.
Flash’s jet black Prius pulled in shortly after jingles ran off into the gloom.
Flash advised that weedeater  was honing you show. Never did….. Once jingles was back all the questions of hey! Where our guest Q? Hey! Why are you Qing, Hey! This and that…..

After explaining several times, the same story cause sometimes we don’t all listen.
Wolverine shows Up and ask the same questions…. ugh.
One min warning.
no disclaimer given, cause I have the power and I make the rules…..

explained to the PAX what today’s work out was created around.  The 7-9-09 counts and should have explained that the COP does not have anything to do with it.


lots of mumble chatter about Karmas Oyster Fetish lately and Jingles love life. that carried on for the entire work out.

The Thang


25 SSH

15 I.W

5 burpees

15 TTT

20 Tempo squats

15 hillbillies

5 burpees

22 merkins OYO

20 LBAC forward

20 LBAC reverse

15 OHC


7 sevens over bridge,

Burpees and jump squats

Head over to for corners


1st round

9 merkins

9 2 count flutters

9 squats


2 round

9 Carolina Dry Docks

9 American hammers count right side

9 diamond merkins


3 round

9 heels to heaven

9 jump squats

9 merkins


4 round

9 Floyd mayweatehrs


9 walk out merkins

9 burpees





9 ab exercises 9 reps, some done in cadence.


American hammers


Freddy mercuries

Box cutters

Flutter kicks

Heels to heaven

Hello dollies

Crunchy frogs

Mosey back



for the blood drive and to get on slack some of them said they have already posted to the poll.
nothing else.
prayers for a cop shot in Toledo Ohio wolverine’s hometown, and the state of our nation.
for all the Men of F3 to be above the noise, of the political state, but to not stand by quietly and let the world drown in darkness.

Happy anniversary to my M 11 years and still kicking.

Ps. I forgot the flag karma found me at a red light, Gino grabbed it I went back to get him and my flag… first time.

Honor to lead.

May you write your worries in the sand,

chisel your victories and stone.


Over and out.


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