CrossStitch VQ: “Trick or Treat” @ BombSquad

CrossStitch VQ: “Trick or Treat” @ BombSquad

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Jingles (respect, from Republic), Mrs. Doubtfire, Headgear, Spork, Beefsteak, Rousey (respect), ERC, Quaker (respect), Sade', Rubber, Brownbag (respect), O'douls, Billy Blanks (CrossStitch 2.0), CrossStitch (QIC)

The Thang:

The stars truly aligned for what can only be described as the most perfect VQ ever (from YHC opinion). Although weather forecast showed a very high percentage of rain, we enjoyed a light drizzle with temp around 68 degrees the entire morning as 14 HIM started their week off strong.

Following the 1 minute warning, CrossStitch gave an enthusiastic welcome along with reciting the mission of f3 to near perfection. His overwhelming pride caused him to forget other disclaimers that Beefsteak kindly reminded him to give, then we started with a simple in-cadence warmup of:

-25 side straddle hops

-20 little baby arm circles, 20 cherry pickers, 20 reverse little baby arm circles

-20 squat jacks

We did a strong Indian Run around the property, ending in picking up coupons and rifle carrying them to the large parking lot, where we lined up for the prepared Trick or Treat workout, comprised of CrossStitch’s most memorable exercises since joining F3. Going down the line, each PAX pulled a workout note from the bin, we completed the workout, ran to other end of parking lot and back, planking or picking up the 6 until everyone completed, then next PAX pulled a note, rinse and repeat:

-20 diamond merkins

-50 squats

-Rifle carry coupon to end of parking lot and back

-Pikachu special: 20 curls then 20 overhead press with coupon

-30 lunges each leg

-20 squats and 20 bent over rows with coupon

-20 curls with coupon (perfect form)

-20 flop humpers: submitted to Exicon, from PAX Flop- Monkey humper against wall, dry dock position, knees to ground

-Sunshine special: bear crawl down parking lot, 10 pushups every 10 steps, mosey back

-100 side straddle hops: Quaker attempted to lead in-cadence

-30 scorpion dry docks

Brownbag Special – We ended the Trick or Treat portion with running the lines in the parking lot, following Brownbag, reminiscent of YHC first ever beatdown, then returned coupons. Ended in COT with Name O’ Rama (video attached), announcement of Free to Bleed event coming up this weekend, prayer by YHC for Rubber’s wife’s granddad and gratitude.

Beefsteak presented CrossStitch with F3 brick for completing VQ.

I’m grateful for this group of men. Shoutout to Sunshine for bringing this FNG (YHC) a few months back, my 2.0 Billy Blanks for showing up most beatdowns with me, and the many others that have encouraged and pushed me since.


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