1,000 Lunatics

1,000 Lunatics

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Castaway (AOQ), War Eagle, Burgundy, Tiny Dancer, Hot Tub (R), Humpback, El Red Cardo, Brown Bag (QIC)

The Thang:



YHC was looking for a theme and wondered how many days it has been since his 1st post. Went on the trusty day counter app and voilà, exactly 1,000 days. So, nothing about the workout was centered on 1,000 of anything other than seeing if any PAX could guess the significance of the number. 


The proper disclaimer was given and at 0515 we got to work.




15 Squat Walkers IC


YHC asked the PAX to guess the significance of why the number 1,000 has meaning today

20 LBAC in Reverse IC

Days of sobriety? nope.

20 Cherry Pickers IC

YHC revealed that his 1st post was 1,000 days ago

20 Air Press Holding Squat Position IC


Indian Run around the perimeter of the AO


Each PAX grabbed a coupon and headed to the same spot on the field that YHC did his 1st DORA 1,000 days ago.


Partner up for DORA

100 Curls

200 LBCs

300 Squats

Partner runs across the field to the chainlink fence and back.


Left coupons behind and Mosey’d to the front of the building.


25 Dips SC

25 Step Ups (count right leg) OYO 

The playlist shouted out Balls to the Wall so…

Balls to the Wall for about 45 Seconds

Circled up in Plank for 25 Plank Jacks IC


Mosey’d back to the field where we left our Coupons


25 Over Head Press SC

15 Tricep Extensions SC

15 Bent Over Rows SC


Colt 45’s


Return the Coupons and on the way, YHC strategically left the speaker in the grass. As the PAX headed to the flag after dropping their coupons, YHC proclaimed, “We ain’t done yet!”


We lined up at the speaker for a Jailbreak to the fence and back.


Now to the flag for 2 minutes of stretching.




Count-o-rama 8




Ride for Hightower. 37.4 miles on 4/17/2021

FreedToBleed 5/12/2021




Humpback’s grandfather, William Harris

Families in General


YHC Prayed us out.


Great work was put in by the PAX and TCAPS to Tiny Dancer for having the fully charged Bluetooth speaker ready for the absolutely exceptional playlist that was blasted for the PAX’s enjoyment.


Honor to lead these HIM!


Brown Bag


Over and out

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