Tour de Surfside

Tour de Surfside

Workout Date:





SurfNTurf, BobTheBuilder, Methane, Karma, SoftShell, Bubbles, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: TheOyster

Conditions: Cold 39 degrees. Rain.  Streets and fields were soaked.

AOQ, Karma, loves to talk up The Oyster and his persistence about getting PAX to Q there would give Bud Fox a run for his money.  So YHC finally got on the Q sheet and it turned out to be a cold rainy morning.   Expecting only a couple of PAX or maybe none, YHC showed up a little early to measure out some distances and parked in what used to be the normal spot, which was practically a lake at this point. Sitting there and just about time, I didn’t see anyone so thought I might get off easy today and go grab some coffee and head home but then headlights start coming down 6th Ave and I realize there were multiple PAX parked along the side of the road so I pulled around just in time to get started.

1 Minute Warning – kinda



SSH x25 IC

IW x15 IC

Partner up – Bubbles/BobTheBuilder, SoftShell/Methane, Karma/SurfNTurf and I’ll be odd man out.

PAX wanted to know what we were doing and I mentioned a run.  BobTheBuilder wasn’t too excited and I heard a few rumbles from the PAX.

Each partner team will take turns doing 5 burpees together while the rest of the PAX keeps running North on Ocean Blvd.  I had started this with 10 burpees but only Bubbles and Bob the Builder did the 10 before I realized that the PAX would fall too far behind.  After their burpees, the pair will then sprint to catch up to the rest of the PAX and the next pair will do their 5 burpees.  Rinse and repeat.

I had measured out 1/2 mile and 1 mile stops as well as the distance to the Holiday Inn, not thinking we would get there.  As soon as we started out, the PAX were trying to direct us under a beach house to get away from the rain.  Hey, we’re all up, it’s cold and we’re already wet so let’s keep going.  We started getting close to the Holiday Inn and the PAX were crushing it so we burpeed and ran all the way there before taking a breather and doing 22 Merkins under the loading area.

For some reason, Methane was surprised that we would have to run back.  No time to explain, let’s go.  Same plan.  Burpees and running/sprinting.

Made it back with time to spare so let’s check out that beach house.  PAX choice 15 reps max…except for Karma…going to 40 like the RepHog he is.  Gotta get something in the lexicon about that kinda guy.

Bubbles – 15 squat jumps

SurfNTurf – 10 super man thingys

Bob the Builder – 10 BBSUs

Karma – 40 Flutter Kicks

SoftShell – 10 American Hammers

Methane – 20 Merkins

Just enough time to get back to the ShovelFlagLess AO.


Announcements : FreedToBleed location change to St Mark Coptic Church.  GrowRuck Training next weekend.

Prayers: Spoken and Unspoken

Great work!  Methane, Karma, BobTheBuilder…thought I was going to get a lot of flack from these guys…well mostly Karma but the mumble chatter was light and they crushed the run.  SurfNTurf always pushes himself and I haven’t seen him complain.  Bubbles can run for miles and I have seen SoftShell consistently pre-rucking workouts so I know these two can move.  Maybe it was the cold rain that got our minds off of the run or maybe it was the burpees but we did about 3 miles today and a bunch of burpees.  All these guys should go sign up for the next 5k and crush it!  This was a fun morning!  Great AO and awesome PAX!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!

-Headgear out!!!

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