10Q at Timeshare with a Sunrise beatdown

10Q at Timeshare with a Sunrise beatdown

Workout Date:





Quicksand, Flop, Mal-Practice, Zalinski (F3 Rock Hill), Hallpass, Pikachu Co-3rd FQ QIC

The Thang:

AO Timeshare 

Conditions High 40’s and beautiful

Q Number 10 this month. What a great place to end my Q tour. I sat down last night and decided I wanted to do a beach workout. What a great way to start the day. A sunrise workout on the beach. Nothing better.

One Minute Warning


15 Each IC, Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, 15 Ea LBACF,R, 20 SSH

Mosey to the beach

Tabata in store today

Three rounds 40 seconds on 20 seconds of “Rest”

  1. Squats for 40 an Squat hold for 20
  2. Four merkins with four shoulder taps for 40 an Plank for 20
  3. Side hop left ground touch and back right and SSH 20 
  4. Decline merkins with  four shoulder taps and SSH 20
  5. Three minutes of burpee face off. This was supposed to be a team total but quick sand didn’t understand that each person was supposed to count burpees and team was supposed to win and one lose but we all did 20 extra burpees in the end. I got in 35 burpees in three minutes. Other guys were 20-30 range.
  6. Set of 7’s with Snow Angels and Sand Humpers with a long mosey in between.

Mosey back to AO to finish up workout. 


Count 6


Announcements Convergence next month, Operation Christmas child 25 shoe boxes as as a region, Bling 5k in Carolina Forest.