11/11 – Veteran’s Day!

11/11 – Veteran’s Day!

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Turn and Cough, Bling, OneCall (QIC)

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Coldish – 41


#ElevationMonday at Doug Shaw Stadium!  30 minutes in the gloom and 30 minutes under the lights!!!  Stairs and a beautiful track and field to get some work done!  This morning was Veteran’s Day – a day near and dear to all of our hearts.  Honoring those who serve and who have served!!  The reason we can assemble under our flag and worship as we please and workout in public places!!!  THANK YOU can not be said enough to these brave men and women!!!!

So there wasn’t much chatter about today, but as usual, I wrote a #weinke for runners and ruckers alike, even though we haven’t seen a runner since launch day.  Bling picked me up and we rolled in to see TNC for his 1st visit to this awesome AO.

Gathered up and the gate was locked.  Odd.  Usually open by 0500.  Somebody sleeping in!!!  So there are other entrances.  We rucked to try to get in 1 of them.  Locked.  Locked.  Locked.  Alright, modification time.

Nice picnic tables.  But first, let’s do 22 Merkins single count IC – #22kills
11 sets of 22 step ups (11 each leg) – that is A LOT.  After 5 sets we rucked about 1/2 mile just to loosen up our legs, then finished up the last 6 sets.
While here, 2 ladies that walk the track every time we are there chatted us up a bit (mostly Bling of course) and asked if all the gates were locked.  We said we checked the back and it was.  They said there were 2!!  They would check.  Well they didn’t come back and they were walking the track!!!  When they got to us they told us the gates were still locked but they could squeeze through and maybe we could.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Yeah, they are both in their 60’s if I had to guess and maybe 120 lbs.  They squeezed through?  No way in tarnation we were making it!
So we stuck to the tables.  After the leg smoking “elevation work” of step ups, we did 22 IC calf raises x 3 PAX each calling it.  SMOKERS
Then 22 Bulgarian split squats on the benches – 11 each leg
Around this point, the lights came on and our ladies told us the gates were open!  Good!  To the field!!!!
Start at the Goal line – 22 Merkins single count IC – #22kills
Bear crawl to 22 yard line
The ground was wet and cold and our hands were frozen
22 Squats
Lunge walk to 44 yard line
Moved out to track for 22 BBSU
3 rounds V-Up Hold – each PAX counting a nice slow 22
Back onto the field.  Ruck 22 yards to the 34 yard line
22 Curls
OH hold walk to the 12 yard line
22 Tri extensions
OH hold walk to the far end of goal line
Time to go back
Reversing the yardage, every 22 yards we did 11 squats then 11 OH squats on the starting goal line

Took a Lap around the track and finished with some stairs and then a final round of 22 Merkins

TIME!  All smoked!!!!  Brutal and good work for 60 solid minutes with amazing form.

Count-O-Rama – 3
Prayer requests and PRAISE for Veterans and our FREE COUNTRY!
Prayer requests – TNC small group friend – adoptions/fostering – guidance wisdom patience!!
Prayer requests unspoken

– I always like to take a Veteran’s Day Q.  To honor our Veterans who have fought and continue to fight for our great country and our freedom to assemble, to worship as we please, to basically enjoy FREEDOM!!!  Coming from a military family, both past and current, this day means a lot.
– I kept the theme to 11 (it was 11/11) and 22 – for the unfortunate suicides of Veterans every day.  I looked back at last year’s BB, and saw what I wrote, and post it again here, because it hits so close to home, but also because 1 year later people still have too much hate in their hearts and do not honor those that deserve it and it’s sad:  “today [11/12] would have been my grandfather’s birthday – I was very close with him, and in his last years, watching him relate stories of his childhood, living through the Depression, and his time in service with my kids, his great-grandkids, are memories I will never forget.  He passed 2 [now 3] years ago, and my F3 Brothers were there in force supporting me, lifting me up, and praying for me and my family.  He was a WWII Veteran and I personally dedicated today to him.  He fought overseas, taking shrapnel for this country.  He fought alongside men of every religion, every nationality, every background.  As I see the hatred and evil around this country, it really makes me sick.  The Greatest Generation fought for us to be able to do and say as we please and have freedom.   Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing for people to actually HONOR that generation and the rights they have because of those great men and women, and of course, ALL of those that have served this country!  I humbly give all HONOR and RESPECT to those that have served and are currently serving.  THANK YOU!
  • CCU Football per Bling – Saturday November 30.  FREE tix!  Cookout, tailgate, etc.  M and 2.0 friendly!  If you have a large portable grill, let Bling know ASAP – ALSO, send OneCall a DM or text or email with YOUR email if you are attending.  We need numbers and per Bling we are setting up an online potlock thing!  Up to 74 already!!
  • 5th Annual Christmas party – December 7 at Waterway Palms clubhouse.  6-10.  Babysitting by #SoccerMoms provided onsite by Boxcar’s soccer team.


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