Tuesday Morning Killer B’s

Tuesday Morning Killer B’s

Workout Date:





Texas Ranger, Rubber, Castaway(Village AOQ), Burgandy, Sade', Hot Tub(R)

The Thang:

AO: The Village
Time: 05:15
Weather:  Clear, Mid 40’s

So this is YHC’s last Q at this location as the AO will be moving to Doug Shaw on 4/20/21 so I wanted to go out in Elite fashion with something new and challenging.  I have done Killer B’s (Bear Crawl, Broad Jump, Burpee’s) before as a warm up routine but today I would incorporate it into the Main Event with multiple rounds plus some block work to get the muscles pumped up!💪

SSH x 20 (IC)
Hillbillies x 20 (IC)
-> Rubber looks Chilly… let’s mosey to the Stop Sign outside the AO at the corner of 65th and Colonial Dr. and back to warm up.
TTT x 20 (IC)
WM’s x 20 (IC)
Seal Claps x 20
LBAC’s x 15 (IC Forward)
LBAC’s x 15 (IC Reverse)
Danger Zone:  While listening to Danger Zone from Top Gun, Side Straddle Hop through entire song (3:34) and do 1 squat for every “Danger Zone”

Main Event:
-> Pax split up into 2 teams (Team A) Sade’, Castaway, Hot Tub/(Team B) Rubber, Texas Ranger, Burgandy, YHC.
-> Each round one team will start with Bear Crawl, Broad Jump and then Burpee’s (x10), then finish with the Block Station.
-> The other team will start with the Block Station, then Bear Crawl, Broad Jump and finsih with Burpee’s (x10).
-> First team to have all it’s Pax finish all reps of the round wins.
-> The teams will alternate each round on who starts with Bear Crawl.
-> There are 5 rounds so the 5th round will be the tie breaker if necessary.

Block Station Exercise for each Round below.

So as you can see from the pic above we alternated wins on the round and then had a tie breaker round.  This wasn’t one of those will give the other team a round type of contest.  Each team was legitimately trying to win each round so at the end of the 5th round both teams literally finished up about right at the same time so we did end in a draw.  To be honest both teams did deserve to be a winner b/c this was not an easy challenge and all pax pushed through each round with what they had!  Great work!💪

Count O’ Rama- 7
Name O’ Rama

– Village moving to Doug Shaw stadium 4/20/21.
– Sunshine to lead last current Village location Q on Friday 4/16/21.
– Freed to Bleed, March 12th.
– Bling’s GrowRuck Training, April 10th.
– GrowRuck, April 30-May 2nd.

– Rubber’s wife to get a good report on upcoming doctors visit.
– Praises because 2 of Hot Tub’s co-worker’s who were diagnosed with cancer previously are now in remission!

BOM prayer by YHC.

Honor to Lead!

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