Feeling the Heat

Feeling the Heat

Workout Date:



O'Douls (Catapult AOQ)


Hedgehog, Laces, Quaker, ERC, Hojo, Burgundy

The Thang:

Conditions– High 70s, muggy and humid!

I have been DR on vacation and under the weather, so what better way to keep myself accountable than getting back out to Q at Bombsquad.

I sent out a text to the Catapult group to let them know AOQ will be on Q at BS.  I did get a few SCs from the crew, but most fart sacked 🙂 Hojo was a solid HC! Burgundy was the first to show, and for a bit, he thought we were the only ones posting. At the one minute warning, Quaker, ERC and Hedgehog rolled up. Hedgehog is a usually one minute warner as he has made it been known that he generally fights the towel bowl early in the morning 🙂

I gave the one minute warning

Disclaimer was given and the mission was given after Hairy Rockettes- YCH was a little rusty this morning!

COP (moseying around AO)

20- Hairy Rockettes IC at COP

15- TTTs IC- stopped to pick up Laces in the parking lot

10- Windmills IC

20 -IWs IC

15- Hillbillies IC

20- Tempo Squats IC

15- Overhead press in squat position IC

10- Monkey Humpers

10- LBACs IC while walking back to COT


Back at COP, I told the PAX that we will go down the ladder with the following 12 exercises :

1- Mosey to Cross (or 30 SSHs)- in between each set of exercises

2-20 LBCs

3- 15 Merkins

4- 35 Squats

5- 20 Dry Docks

6- 20 SSHs

7- 25 2ct Flutters

8- 20 2ct Mountain Climbers

9- 25 Hello Dollies

10- 25 Lunges

11-  25 Shoulder Taps

12- 12 Burpees


5:45am- stopped at Mountain Climbers and started at bottom of list together and completed all exercises back up the ladder IC (and some OYO).

Stretching lead by YHC




Announcements-Sprinkles VQ at Catapult (tomorrow), Freed to Bleed event/challenge (7/16), Saquash event & Asheville Spartan (end of month), Continue to EH and stay consistent.

I prayed us out- Hedgehog’s stepmom, Pikachu’s mother, continued support and prayers for Whiz

Always an honor to lead gentlemen #ISI #HIM.



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