11s, 11s, and more 11s!

11s, 11s, and more 11s!

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Crabs, Kiwi, First Base, Hedgehog, Judge Judy, Tandem, Side Out, Lombardi, O Douls, Speedbump, Coat Hanger, Humpback, Penelope

The Thang:

YHC took the Q today so I could set the pace and limit the running. Didn’t work out so well because I am dumb and we ended up running more than I wanted, but alas…

YHC arrived to an empty parking lot expecting to walk a few warm up laps, but the temptation of the heated seats were too great and I entertained the hope that nobody would show and I could just go and get a coffee. 12 PAX dashed my hopes as they came roaring in with minutes to spare, so on with the show!

Circle up for a little SSH, through the tunnel, LBACs, overhead claps, and seal claps.

Off to the block pile, overhead carry to the large parking lot.

11s – Merkins on one side, Big Boys on the other

11s – Dips on block on one side, Squats on the other

Modified 11s – 1 curl, run to the first line and touch, back for one tricep extension, back to the line and back for 2 curls, continuing until 11 was reached (this ended up being harder than i anticipated)

Back to the block pile, and a quick circle up and time was called.


Halloween convergence at the Plank on the 29th.