Curls, Cardio and a bit of Chaos!

Curls, Cardio and a bit of Chaos!

Workout Date:





Slaughter (F3Nation Nantan), Headgear(F3GS Nantan), Sunshine, Brown Bag(Respect), Rubber, Hot Tub(Respect), Jetah, First Base, Streaker, Hamburglar, Manziel(Respect), Beats(FNG)

The Thang:

AO: The Plank

Weather: 77 Degrees/97% Humidity

YHC put his name down at the end of last month to Q the Plank on what usually would be just an average day.  Then yesterday morning at our F3 Bible study group Sunshine says he’s EH’d an FNG for YHC’s Q and that he would be picking up said FNG in the morning so we have a high likelihood that the FNG would post.  Immediately YHC’s excitement builds and YHC resolved to make sure that the workout would be advertised well in hopes of ensuring a good turnout.  Advertisements were put up on Twitter and Slack early afternoon, I text some Pax and even get a couple of HC’s.  YHC’s day at work ends at 5:00 and YHC went home to do dad duties and finish packing for the 2.0 trip to Camp Thunderbird this weekend when around 8:30pm I see that Slaughter is now HC for the beatdown.  YHC’s first thoughts were cool will be glad to have the F3 Nation Nantan join us then I get to thinking oh crap probably need to just browse back through the mission statement, 5 core principles, credo etc.  Long story short is that YHC lost some sleep concerning myself with trying to make sure YHC was going to do a decent disclaimer, call cadence out correctly, provide brief demonstrations of exercises like Imperial Walkers since we were going to have an FNG, and give clear instructions throughout the beatdown.  Most everything went well for most of the workout but chaos would ensue at around the 30 minute mark, more on that later in the backblast….

->Hillbillies x 20 (IC)
->Through the tunnel x 20 (IC)
10 Merkins (OYO)
YHC asked Sunshine to give us the F3 Mission statement and he nailed it!👊
->Imperial Walker’s x 20 (IC)
10 Merkins (OYO)
YHC asked several Pax for the 5 Core Principles  and they were all named off👍
->Windmills x 20 (IC)
10 Merkins (OYO)
YHC asked can anyone spout out the F3 Credo?  First Base stepped up and nailed in the clutch💪
->LBAC’s x 15 (IC)
->LBAC’s Reverse x 15 (IC)
->Seal Claps x 15 (IC)

->Overhead Claps x 15 (IC)

->Mosey one lap around track then up to the bleachers

Bleacher Steps-  Pax ran up and then down 3 out of the 4 bleacher step rows since there were other folks exercising on the first set of stairs that we came to.

->Mosey to block pile and grab a block and head to the end zone line and spread out

Main Event
For the main event Pax we’re divided up to make 2 teams.
The format for the friendly competition was as follows:

  • Start with block in hand and go to the 10 yard line and do 5 reps of Curls
  • Place block down and run to the opposite end zone and back to the 10 yard line.
  • Pick up block and move to the 20 yard line and do 5 more reps of Curls
  • Place block down and run to the opposite end zone and back to the 20 yard line
  • This format continued all the way down the field until we did our last 5 reps in the opposite end zone to complete the round.

Note:  The team atmosphere aspect of this competition was that after your 5 reps at each designated yard line and sprint up and down the field and back, Pax could not advance to the next yard line until all Pax on their team came back to their block then all Pax moved in unison.  This was specifically designed to ensure that the group stayed together and so that team work and encouragement between Pax would ensue.

After a strong first round by all, YHC realized that he needed to modify the weinke to give some additional recovery time between rounds.  We dropped to our 6 and did several rounds of Mary exercises called out IC by different pax culminating with Hot Tub calling out 20 Burpees at the end.

Time to get back to Round #2 and this is where the chaos comes in.  Originally YHC planned that we would get through at least 2-3 rounds of the main event all with the blocks involved.  Round 1 would be Curls, Round #2 Block Squats and Round #3 Overhead Press but due to time constraints and knowing we had an FNG to name, YHC decided to modify Round #2 by the Pax just doing Merkins on each yard line and we would just leave the blocks in the end zone for the entire round.  So we start the round but it becomes apparent quickly that without the blocks moving with us it was going to be quite confusing trying to keep up with where we go next after traversing the field.  In addition to that YHC modified more on the fly due to time constraints by skipping ahead sometimes 20 yards at a time instead of 10 and now the confusion and mumblechatter grew to a fever pitch!  After a super discombobulated Round #2 we returned the blocks to the block pile and circled up in the center of the field for the COT.  Moral of this story is if things don’t go according to plan always Keep It Simple!  Would have been better to just return the blocks after round #2 and just mosey a couple of laps to accommodate time.


Count O’Rama

Name O’Rama

FNG Naming->  FNG Cory Anderson was directed to the middle of the COT where we began to ask him the standard questions of where are you from, favorite sports teams etc.  Sunshine who EH’d Cory mentioned that before the workout Cory was wondering if he could wear some headphones during the workout🤣 Some names flew around that had to do with headphones and also sports team references but ultimately someone put Beats out there and consensus went with it.  Welcome Beats to the F3 Brotherhood!

->Sept 18th Christina Latini 8k w/ virtual options available
->October 8-10th F3 10 Year Anniversary celebration in CapeFear
->October 29th – FreedToBleed

Prayer Requests:
-> Rubber and Sunshine’s friend has been battling Covid for weeks now in the hospital and needs everyone’s prayers!
-> Slaughter reported there have been a number of Pax in F3 Nation that have recently lost their lives due to various reasons.  Prayers out for all F3 Nation Pax and families that are dealing with the loss of a loved one.  None of us no how many days we have on this earth let us remember to make the most of them!

Honor to lead!

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