9/11/01-20 Year Anniversary Memorial Workout

9/11/01-20 Year Anniversary Memorial Workout

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The Thang:

So this BB should have been written within 24hrs of the beatdown, especially for such an important event.  Having said that I won’t lay out a laundry list of excuses but just move on to the write up.

A little back story is that in the week leading up to beatdown, Valano mentioned One Call had a good workout already drafted up so I reached out to OC and have to give him the credit for this solid weinke.  Another back story is that I worked out at The Plank last Friday morning (day before workout) and asked Sunshine if he was going to post and I got an SC.  To move that SC to an HC, an idea popped up and I asked Sunshine if he would read the 9/11 introduction and timeline of events listed below.  Because Sunshine loves to talk and is a well versed speaker he jumped on the opportunity and I got an HC.

9/11 Intro and Timeline (Narrated by Sunshine)

“I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.”
― George W. Bush

20 years ago, this Nation was shook to its core.  Today would be a time to honor those that gave it all and remember them and their friends and families.

Timeline/fact sheet about 9/11/01:

On September 11, 2001, 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda hijacked four airliners and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the United States.  Two of the planes were flown into the towers of the World Trade Center (110-storyskyscraper) in New York City, a third plane hit the Pentagon just outside Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.  Often referred to simply as 9/11, the attacks resulted in extensive death and destruction, triggering major U.S. initiatives to combat terrorism and defining the presidency of George W. Bush.  A total of 2,977 people were killed in New York City, Washington, DC, and outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania, in the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history.  This included 400 police officers and firefighters.  Specifically:
– 2,753 people were killed when hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 were intentionally crashed into the north and south towers or as a result of the crashes.
– 343 were New York City firefighters, another 23 were New York City police officers and 37 others were officers at the Port Authority.
– The victims ranged in age from two to 85 years. Approximately 75-80% of the victims were men.
– At the Pentagon in Washington, 184 people were killed when hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the building.
– Near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, 40 passengers and crew members aboard United Airlines Flight 93 died when the plane crashed into a field.

– 8:46 am ET – American Airlines Flight 11 (traveling from Boston to Los Angeles) strikes the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.
– 9:03 am ET – United Airlines Flight 175 (traveling from Boston to Los Angeles) strikes the south tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.
– 9:37 am ET – American Airlines Flight 77 (traveling from Dulles, Virginia to Los Angeles) strikes the Pentagon Building in Washington.
– 9:59 am ET – South tower of WTC collapses in approximately 10 seconds.
– 10:03 am ET – United Airlines Flight 93 (traveling from Newark, New Jersey to San Francisco) crashes in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
– 10:28 am ET – North tower of WTC collapses. The time between the first attack and the collapse of both World Trade Center towers is 102 minutes

Moment of Silence 

Prayers for families of the fallen
Prayers for the fallen

Prayers for our nation

SSH x 20 (IC)
HB’s x 15 (IC)
TTT x 15 (IC)
IW’s x 15 (IC)
Windmills x 15 (IC)
LBAC’s x 15 (IC)
LBAC’s Reverse x 15 (IC)
Seal Claps x 15 (IC)
Overhead Claps x 15 (IC)
-> One lap around church and to the block pile
-> Mosey with blocks to main parking lot.

Main Event
There were 2,977 that lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks so we partnered up (Dora) for 29 Exercises with 77 reps each exercise.  Each group of 2 were given a sheet with the exercises listed out below:
  1. Merkins
  2. Squats (w/block)
  3. BBSU’s
  4. SSH’s
  5. LBC’s
  6. CDDs
  7. Lunges (count each leg)
  8. American Hammers (count right side)
  9. Plank Jacks
  10. Flutters (2-count)
  11. Curls
  12. Jump Squats
  13. Freddie Mercurys (count right leg)
  14. Mountain Climbers
  15. Hello Dolly
  16. OH Press
  17. Bent Over Rows
  18. Front squats
  19. Smurf Jacks
  20. Calf Raises (w/block)
  21. Wide Arm Merkins
  22. Heels to Heaven
  23. Tricep Extensions
  24. Side Lunge
  25. Heel Touches on 6
  26. Diamond Merkins
  27. Floyd Mayweather’s
  28. Reverse Lunge
  29. Crunchy Frogs

-> Returned blocks to block pile and back to flag.

Note:  Running about 10 minutes over at this point so the COT was a little more rushed than YHC would have liked but no one seemed to mind and looked elated to have done such a beastly workout in memory of 9/11!💪🇺🇸

Count O’ Rama-16
Name O’ Rama
Honor to Lead!

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