October Baseball

October Baseball

Workout Date:



1st Base


Crabs, O'Douls (AOQ), 1st Base (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions – cool, around 60 degrees.

Arrived early to set up a baseball diamond with bases ~ 90 feet apart on the soccer pitch/football field for a planned 7 of Diamonds workout.

15 Hairy Rockettes, IC
15 Tempo Squats, IC
15 Thru The Tunner, IC
15 Imperial Walkers, IC
15 LBACs, Fwd, Rvs, IC
20 Cherry Pickers, IC
25 Side Straddle Hopss, IC

The Thang
Mosey around the perimeter ending at the coupon pile. Pax choose a coupon and head out to the ad hoc bases.

Colt 45s out at the pitcher’s mound.

7s of Diamond
7 Mahktar N’Diayes at each base, Bear Crawl Between Bases
14 Inclined Merkins at each base, Rifle Carry Between Bases
21 Squats at each base, Lung Walk Between Bases
28 Rows at each base, Rifle Carry Between Corners
7 laps around the bases

Racked the coupons and headed back to the flag for some Pax Choice

20 Box Cutters (YHC)
15 Penguins (O’Douls)
15 Heels to Heaven (Crabs)
20 LBCs (1st Base)

A couple minutes of OYO stretching before



F3 Campout Weekend this weekend at MB State Park
Samaritan’s Purse – Operation Christmas Child through 11/27
Freed To Bleed, 10/29 at St. Marks Coptic Church
Halloween Convergence at Warthog, 10/30
Everyman a Warrior, Fridays at 5:15 AMat the Lion’s Den
Q Source via Zoom, Tuesdays at 5 PM

Always an honor to lead.

-1st Base

Disappointing turnout, blaming the CCU game and playoff baseball. The Mahktar N’Diayes/Bear Crawl combo out of the gate was a rough way to start the 7 of Diamonds and the Squat/Lunge walk combo was no joke either.

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