Two is better than one!

Two is better than one!

Workout Date:





Cubbie, Manziel

The Thang:

Conditions, around 70 and some humidity. Praying the rain holds off and somebody else shows up.



Faithful Cubbie pulls in around 5 ’til. Wait until 0600 to start, hoping for an FNG to show.



Disclaimer right at 0600



Time to beatdown.



CoP (not much of a circle with two)



20 SSH’s IC, 20 LBAC’s forward, then reverse, 20 Seal claps, 15 through the tunnel



Now it’s on the line.



High knees to the other end of the AO, Butt kickers back.



Toy soldiers back to the other end again. Then mosey back.



Now mosey to the park to steal part of Viagra’s workout from Thursday.



To the tennis court.



Bear Crawl halfway around the court, then lunge the second half.



One suicide with Merkins at each line. 10 total for the 10 year anniversary.



Then mosey onto the yoga mat. Since there’s only one team it’s easy to pick a partner.



One runs to the top of the hill for 5 sets of 10 rows while the one on the mat does sets of Merkins, Squats, Big Boys, Flutter Kicks, and Wooly Worms aka one of the worst exercises in the world.



Now to Mosey back around the park to the pull up bars. Doing 11’s



Starting with 10 pullups then run down to the picnic tables and doing 1 picnic table curl. Then rinse and repeat, except on the last rep of curls a guy stops by and lays on my picnic table. I could have lifted him but I don’t think he would have enjoyed it so much. Went to the next table.



Time is almost up by now. With 8 minutes left. We mosey to the beach because why not? Then back to the AO.



Prayer requests for Cubbie’s Pastor who’s cousin just died. Thanked God for giving us another day with lungs to breathe and energy and strength to come do a workout.



Until next time…to God be the glory!



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