Welcome November in the Gloom

Welcome November in the Gloom

Workout Date:



O'Douls (AOQ)


First Base, Kiwi, Ms. Doubtfire, Pikachu, Candy Cane, Judge Judy, Hard Hat

The Thang:

Conditions– High 40s/Low 50s- great weather to come out to the gloom!

November is already here and 60 days until 2022…Wow where the time has gone. I was first up on the Q sheet for November.

As I arrived, Kiwi was getting some pre-run work in and Hard Hat made his way up from the South to join us in the gloom! Great to see him.

One minute warning was announced.

Mission and Disclaimer was given.


20- Hairy Rockettes IC

20- IWs IC

10- Good Mornings

20- Hillbillies IC

20- Shoulder Taps IC

20- Plank Jacks IC

15-Chinooks IC

15- Big Arms Circles IC

15- Big Arms Circle IR IC

15- Chinooks IR IC

The Thang

Mosey over to the big parking lot and directed the PAX to do the following set of exercises at each line: 3 Catapult burpees, 3 Big Boys and 3 Squats (and yes there are a lot of lines)…Pikachu said “My man”. Once all have completed, pick up the 6.

Next, the following set of exercises were performed at 4 different corners around AO; Mosey in between:

10 Merkins IC (YHC)

10 Merkins IC (Candy Cane), 20 LBCs (YHC)

10 Merkins IC (Candy Cane), 20 LBCs IC (First Base), 30 Temp Squats (YHC)

10 Merkins IC (Candy Cane), 20 LBCs IC (First Base), 30 SSHs IC (YHC), 40 Squats OYO

Fast paced “Grave Yard” walk back to COT- thanks to Hard Hat for the exicon term.



15- Freddy Outlaws IC- YHC

15- Hello Dollies IC- Kiwi

15- FCs- Ms. Doubtfire

15- Dying Cockroaches- Judge Judy

Stretching led by YHC




Announcements- Thanks to Pikachu for providing a summary of the various 3rd F intiatives/events over the November and December- check out Twitter and Slack for more details, but in summary- Operation Christmas child, Q Source Tuesdays, Ever Man a Warrior- Fridays, Fostering Hope Bike Drive, F3 North/South football games (12/4); F3 Xmas party (12/11). If I am forgetting something, my apologies, but refer to Slack and other mumblechatter around the region.

I prayed us out

As always, it’s an honor to lead. Looking forward to the solid final 2 months of 2021 @ Catapult!


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