Workout Date:





Cubby, Malpractice, Al Bundy (FNG), Manziel (QIC)

The Thang:

Condition, a little too cold for me at 37 degrees and brisk! Thank God for thermals!


Disclaimer about two minutes late because I brought some jams to play during the workout and I forgot to tie my shoes until right at 0600.


Beatdown starts with the COP


15 Through the tunnel


20 LBAC forward then 20 in reverse


20 overhead claps


On the line to do toy soldiers to the other end of the parking lot


Buttkicks on the way back


Attempted 21’s but I messed up and lost count so I did 22.


Put on 30# rucksack and it’s time to mosey to toward the beach


Stop at the public parking next to the beach to do 1-10 Merkins and mosey to the other side for 10-1 step ups.


It’s about this time that I notice that Malpractice is wearing a Xichigan Wolverines sweatshirt, and I thought I liked that guy!


Mosey to the beach as a detour to go back to the Mclean park because I didn’t move from Ohio to not see the beach.


Get to Mclean and partner up.


One doing dips and merkins at the fountain while the other runs to the pull up bars for sets of 10,8,6,4,2.


Now down to the tennis court for suicides  and doing squats at each line ascending from 1-10, could definitely feel the quads burning, I’ll blame the ruck.


Mosey over to the yoga mat, partnered up again. one runs up and around the restrooms while the other does ab work,  wooly worms and flutter kicks.


Mosey back to AO




FNG- Shawn, he’s a friend of mine I’ve been EH’ing. Got him to take my place at Bell and Bell, as internet sales manager, in case y’all need a vehicle see him! Suggested names were Ziglar, Ripple for the first 10 minutes, then Cubby throws out Al Bundy, loved it!


Prayer requests and BOM


Honor to lead and until next time to God be the Glory!



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