14 Strong

14 Strong

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Geppetto, Lombardi, One Call, Geno, Billboard, Boxcar, High Interest, Hoser, Nimitz, Macho Man, Weedeater, Flash, Grasspatch, Bling

The Thang:

Waverucker 8/1.  Always the best day of the week to push yourself a little harder, further, and to carry stupid stuff around!  I had built this Q a few weeks ago, and after going thru Hoser and Valvano’s brutal Q’s, and reading One Call’s, I knew I had to step my game up a bit.  Weather- 82 and humid (ready to sweat)

So here we go……..

Coupons:  these were scattered around Market Common as we took our route

100 pound bag

3 60 pound bags

1 55 pound bag

1 40 pound bag

1 50 pound log

1 30 pound log

circle up in lot, stretch out (while I placed the coupons), mumble chatter, prepare mentally.  Explained the TEAM aspect, starting and finishing as 1- penalties, time hats, etc.  ready to roll.

1st time hac- reach the top of the parking garage (using the stairs) in 6 minutes.  slow mosey all the way, last PAX made it in 4:32- solid work and avoided the penalty of 2-man merkins with rucks.  (would have been fun).  At the top I placed the 100 pound bag- for everyone’s enjoyment.  went over the 2-man carry, and switch (that you men worked perfectly all morning) and gave the details moving down the incline.  Each level a 2 man team would carry the bag- and there would also be a casualty (different for each level).  at the bottom of each level, circle up

10 tempo squats IC


10 Flutters ruck overhead IC

10 Hello Dolly IC

Ruck up, grab coupon and casualty- move to next level down

15 temp squats IC


15 Flutters ruck overhead IC

15 Hello Dolly IC

repeat 2 more times down the levels, switching casualties and 2-man bag.  increasing to 20 per as well.  finish at the wall by PF Changs.  1 minute wall sit (or wall “lean” as Knee Brace (aka Geno) and Weedeater properly demonstrated).

1 60 pound bag and the 50 pound log were at the entrance waiting to be lifted and carried- so we did!  Now, with 3 coupons- team had 5 minutes to get to the top of the other garage by the movie theater- 3:42 min total, avoided another penalty (sprints and 1 minute ruck hold).  this it the area I wanted to do a “wall climb” using the wall on the incline at about 12 feet high.  man-made pyramid and lifting PAX and weight over the wall- but with the rain, I wanted to be safe.  So- we modify and did partner runs.  Karaoke long side, mosey short side around the top (2 laps)- last lap is a slow mosey to recover.

ruck up- grab coupons and go down stairs in corner.  at the bottom there were 2 more sandbags (60 & 55).  grab those, now 5 total coupons.  next Hac- to the dog park (.8 miles) in 14 minutes.  this was the longest movement of the day- and took the most coordination with teamwork to move that weight in time.  Hoser was leading the group with suggestions on 20 second moseys to make time- also keeping the group together.  solid leader.

made it there in 13:35- very nice push by everyone, and avoided the low crawls in the grass/water/bugs!  Time check had us at 5:30- time was slipping away from me as I had some PT included here in the grass field- but had to respect the time and get us back as a team and safe.  So, we picked up yet another coupon (30 pound log), and as a group in line, made our way to Toffino’s- in 6 minutes.  We didnt make that time, but I let that slide as we had 1 more movement to make and not a lot of time.

5:45 as we made it there, grabbed the last coupon (the 40 pound bag) and gave details to get us home.  As fast as we could, all 7 coupons had to get to the bottom of Mount Myrtle.  This final push was awesome to watch- men working together to get 460 pounds of weight (and our rucks) there in about 12 minutes- awesome push!

at the bottom of the hill- we made a man-made assembly line and moved all the weight up the hill, passing them off to the next man to the top.  6:02- lets move to the flag/lot.

Solid work by all PAX- moved about 3.1 miles (not including the running and up the garage) with all the weight- and did it smoothly and effectively.  Honored to lead you guys this morning.  I wanted to do more, but time catches up!  I love to see our PAX working as a team to accomplish goals.

Announcements, prayer requests, huddle up to honor our Lord……..OUT




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