Just another Manic RUNday

Just another Manic RUNday

Workout Date:





Boxcar, Hamburglar, Baggage, Valvano, OneCall(QIC)

The Thang:

EM is now ER or ERD or whatever…but we have turned it into a training session for the BRR in September. Eventually we hope to have all 12 runners along with alternates out there, and maybe our 4 drivers to bring us snacks and massage us between legs (of the race, not between the legs), but for today, we had 5 of us. Knowing we have a large spread of abilities, I came up with something to push everyone (hopefully).

Warm up lap
Stretch out quads, hammies, calves OYO in a circle
High knee / skip across field
Butt kicks back
Toy Soldier across
Karoake one way half way; turn; karaoke other way for remaining half

Round 1
2 laps – 1 full
2nd from start to the other side where bleachers start and go up and down each flight to complete that lap
Faster guys do extra flight(s) on the 6
1 lap to complete a mile

Round 2
2 guys (V and YHC) grab the weight vests that were brought and run a lap as the timer for the other 3 who did AMRAP stairs
BC is injured and still pushing hard, but did not want to add weight so Hamburglar and Baggage grabbed weight vests next round while V and YHC did the stairs AMRAP. Well, Hamburglar grabbed the ruck and just decided to wear it the whole time since everything was way too easy for him!
Rinse and Repeat

Round 3
Mosey 200 meters
“Sprint” 200 meters
Walk 200 meters
DO THIS 4x so a mile of each
Baggage and Hamburglar just kept running all around with Hamburglar his usual nonstop chattering and great information on #AaronHernandez #KnightRider #PlantBased #Utah and Baggage choosing the outside lane and sprinting what seemed like 10 extra laps.

Round 4
60 yard dash
100 yard dash

1 minute left to try to breath with some box breathing technique

Solid work by all!!! Thanks for the hard push!!!! I somewhat enjoyed it.

– Top Gun movie day for PAX, M’s and 2.0s – this Saturday, May 28 at 11:30 AM at Market Commons theater. Original ICONIC film on Netflix. So catch up. At a minimum come out to see Penelope in his Amazon flight suit costume!
– Jeter posted some things in 84 channels. So you can’t miss em. I know there is a Pelican game coming up
– Next MONDAY is THE MURPH +++. Valvano will be posting details in Slack but plan to show up and kick butt.


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