Take a Ride on the PainTrain

Take a Ride on the PainTrain

Workout Date:



Manziel (south)


Drifter, 311, CrossStitch, BillyBlanks, Quaker(R), Jetah, Elmers(R), Rubber, Lombardi(R), and Rousey(R),

The Thang:

The Thang:

Conditions: High 70s, humid, and dark at 0515 at the Carolina Forest Community Church (CFCC) campus.

YHC was asked to Q at #BombSquad by CrossStitch after hearing some mumble chatter about some of my previous Q’s at Warthog and Oyster.  I figured why not do it on a Manziel Monday.

YHC arrived around 0500 to see Rousey getting some EC (Extra Credit) PreRun in.  I hoped out of my vehicle and joined him for a couple of laps around the AO.  CrossStitch and BillyBlanks joined us after sprinting down Carolina Forest Blvd.

Warm Up:  SSH; then some assorted stretching.  I was in the middle of Little Baby Arm Circles when Quaker rolls in on two wheels.  Rousey immediately whispers to me “that’s 3 Burpee’s here at BombSquad”.  Once Quaker joined the group we banged out 3 Burpee’s OYO.  I was trying to save the Pax from any Upper Body exercises, but rules are rules.

Station 1:  As we mosey to the far front of  the bldg. I dropped 5 cones along the way despite Jetah’s attempt to “help me” pick them up.  Once we got to the starting point, I explained the Pain Train and how it works.  Start with 1 squat then run to the first cone and do 1 burpee; run back to the start point and do 1 squat then do a burpee at cone 1 and 2 burpees at cone 2; on the way back do a burpee at cone 1 and then 1 squat at the start point.  Next Cone 1 one burpee; cone 2 two burpees; cone 3 three burpees then head back to the start point stopping to do burpees at each numbered cone.  Continue that until you reach cone 5 and then make your way back to the start point doing burpees at each cone.   55 total Burpee’s on the #BombSquad PainTrain

Station 2:  We moseyed back to the underpass where the sidewalk is rather smooth to work our ab’s.  We did a few rounds of Big Boy Sit-ups; Flutters and Hello Dolly’s before moving on to the next station.

Station 3:  Blocks/Cindy’s/Coupons…YHC saw Thor aka Chris Hemsworth doing a barbell workout.  I figure since we don’t have 11 barbells but we do have 11 coupons I can make this work.  Pax performed 10 reps of each exercise without stopping or putting the coupon on the ground.  We held the coupon until all in.  We did 3 sets with 30ish seconds of rest in between.  Exercises were as follows:  Curls; Overhead Press; Tricep Extension; Squat; BentOver Rows; Forward Lunge and Twister.   Return coupons off to the next and final station.

Station 4:  Moseyed back to the flag with about 6 minutes to go.  YCH pulled out his phone and fancy speaker.  Quaker immediately says “THUNDERSTRUCK”…Good guess.  Well not being tech savvy, age may have something to do with that, I could not get the speaker to work even though it worked last night and early this morning. CrossStitch “saved the day” by playing it on his phone.  PAX held plank for 4 minutes and 52 second and did a merkin every time AC/DC said THUNDER.  33 times for those keeping score at home.

Time… You heard “Summer is here” as several of the Pax wrung out their sweat soaked shirts.

COR – 11


Announcements:  Pelican Game (see Jetah) Top Gun this Saturday and of course Free to Bleed

Prayers and Praises:  Continue prayers for Manziel’s dad Joe and the doctors.

Lombardi took us out.

Always an Honor to Lead