Long March

Long March

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Jetah (2ndfQ)


YHC, Doughboy, Brown Bag (R), Speed Bump, Cross Stitch, Lombardi (R), Elmers (R), Strike Out, ERC, Beef Steak

The Thang:

So in honor of MLK Day, I had to come up with something. I trolled F3 Nation slack for some ideas, but didn’t see anything I truly liked. Few days prior at Warthog, Baggage pulled a string of pearls out for his birthday Q, which was fun. A little research on the heroics of Martin Luther King Jr, generated the Selma Marches, wherein the civil rights movement marched on Selma Alabama to secure there right to the franchise. After some introspection, I realized Bomb Squad has not had a String of Pearls beatdown since Quakers Snow March early last year, so I dusted the cob webs off the old classic, polished the tires, and waxed the quarter panels. I show up right on time, to a cohesive circle of PAX waiting for there week to start. We perform a traditional warm up of Wind mills, Side Straddle Hops, Hairy Rockettes, Arm Circles, Windmills, etc. Once this is completed off we go through the neighborhood that circumscribes the AO. As we proceed on this grand tour of the remnants of Carolina ‘Forest’ we make periodic stops for such exotic things like burpees, squats, monkey humpers, and other sundry activities. Upon the successful circumnavigation, we had some time left over, so whats better than some pouring one out for lost homies; and no better beverage for that than a Colt 45! Once we are done mourning the fallen, we proceed to complete the beatdown with a salute the Honorable Mary.

Announcements: Laser Tag, and SLT hand Off 28 January. Over the Edge for New Direction in Desperate Need of Volunteers

Prayers go out to those PAX families in Need. Praises for my Aunt Terry for the miraculous recovery she has had so far