18 and Life….

18 and Life….

Workout Date:



Nails (VQ)


Scorpio (my little bro), Fergie (they kept calling him Jeter), Lombardi (our awesome realtor), Hoser (the guy I want saving my life at a fire), Boxcar (best pizza ever), "Uncle" Bling (I will wait for my present my dad said you are bringing), Headgear (sorry everyone stuck you with the "kids"), Bubbles (Where was Vinny?), Huey (nice to meet you), Early Bird (my phone man!) My Pleasure (my homeschool bud), OneCall, Nails (QIC)

The Thang:

Is some song my dad knows.  He made me post this link:

I have no idea why, but it is a catchy song.  I like the hair back then.

Today is my 18th birthday and OneCall, my dad as I call him, signed me up to Q.  I have been to Elevation Monday a few times, and Flash had a great Q that I wanted to use some of.  I wrote most of this myself, and even though I am now 18 and know pretty much everything, I ran it by dad to make sure.  Every time I showed him something he just said, “more merkins”, but I think this was a good workout.  I also got to use my new birthday presents (no not the dirt bike I was waiting for), but a 60lb sandbag, and a new 3.0 rucker and a 30 lb plate, and patches, and a carabiner, and refletive strips.  Wow, party at my house.  Thanks dad!  LOL – seriously though that is what I asked for as I will be training hard to get ready to attend The Citadel next school year!

I read the disclaimer that dad sent me.  Then we started.

1 ruck lap around track to warm up
1 lap Indian ruck mosey

Partner up
1 person rucks up and down 1 flight of stairs
Other person does AMRAP Merkins
Next – Squats with sandbag
Big boy situps with ruck overhead
Side Straddle Hops

Some of the older guys looked like they needed a breather…so we did a ruck/walk recovery lap

Back to it
Overhead ruck press
Lunges with ruck and/or bag
Flutter kicks with ruck up
Cleans with bag

Recovery lap with ruck or walk

Mosey curve
Sprint straight
Mosey curve
Sprint up and down each flight of stairs (4)

Still a few minutes
22 merkins on my count
18 Big boy situps

75 seconds of stretching, or trying to stretch for some

Thank you guys for coming out and for working hard.  I will continue to train with you and get stronger.


This was from Lombardi:
For Nail’s BB … “A terrific Q this morning & job well done leading a group of men many who are your Senior by 20+ years … that could be very intimidating to some but you stepped up and stepped in and this morning’s experience will serve you well in many future leadership roles. I look forward to your next Q which hopefully will be very soon! Aye! Lombardi”

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