18 to 80: Blind, Crippled, & Crazy

18 to 80: Blind, Crippled, & Crazy

Workout Date:





Skimmer, Einstein, Jedah, Candy Cane, Beef Steak, Rubber, Rousey, CrossStitch, Billy Banks, Doughboy, Drifter, Lombardi, Kiwi, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: Perfect

ERC had to back out of his Q today last minute and YHC was tapped to lead by our fearless AOQ, CrossStitch. Sure he politely asked if I was willing to Q, but I knew fair well that ‘No’ was not an option. The call came in with about 22 hours before go time, so I had plenty of time to prepare. Unfortunately I recently survived a brutal beatdown at the hands of Kiwi just this morning at #ThePlank. Talk about angry Qs, this guy made us bearcrawl 100 yrds with 10 Hand Release Merkins every 10 yds (and this was just the 1st exercise!!). My body was sore to say the least, heck I may have even takin’ a well-deserved rest day if it hadn’t been for the 1-2 punch from ERC & CrossStitch.

After acceptance of the Q, YHC had to come up with a worthy beatdown! The boys over at BombSquad expect a lot from their Qs: it better be different, it better be challenging, & in my case trivia(l). Oh, did I forget ‘Fun’?? Maybe, maybe not. (Fun is in the Eye of the Be[er] holder – #BlingSighting).

So as usual, my Wienke started with a theme (which is the hard part), then I filled in the blanks with some exercises. The theme was 18-88: Blind, Crippled, or Crazy. When I was a yout, this phrase was applied to chasing girls, but now I realize it applies most appropriately to F3. . . F3 is open to all men (18 & older) and God willing we will all be part of this group well into our 80s.

As far as being ‘Blind’, we all are blind in some aspects of our lives. These blind spots can trip us up & hold us back from getting better not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. These blind spots are visible to others and it is our duty as friends/brothers to point out these foibles to each other, not to condemn but to encourage.

We are ‘Crippled’ (held back from accelerating ) by our Blind Spots. A major blind spot for men is the denial of our need for deep relationships with other men. #ShieldLock.  Isolation & loneliness (which exist even while being surrounded by others) is a major struggle that affects mens’ health. However, none of us need to be alone, we need to walk alongside each other not only in our struggles but also in our triumphs. #ISI.  It doesn’t matter if a Pax is crawling or running, we need to reach out and be willing to help shoulder some of his burdens. On the flipside, we (you & me) need to be open & accepting of other Pax’s help. #NoManLeftBehind.

Finally the ‘Crazy’ part is somewhat self-evident in F3. We’re all crazy enough to workout at 5:15am each morning, rain or shine. But the ‘Crazy’ goes even deeper. The greater the challenge we experience during a workout, the more fulfilled we become. Deep in our collective being, ‘easy’ is not the remedy for what ails us. It may sound ‘Crazy’, but is it?

So as I step down off my Soapbox, The 1st part of the theme ,“18 to 80”,  would serve as our rep count for exercises and the 2nd part of the theme, “Blind, Crippled, or Crazy”  would be utilized for a variety of exercises.

Before we get into the main event, YHC needs to give Tclaps to Skimmer for posting today. We bumped into each other last night at the grocery store and had a brief discussion about #Catapult & the fact that it outgrew its mission and is no longer a safe haven for FNGs & injured Pax. The beatdowns at #Catapult are as tough as any other AO (Well done! #Acceleration).

As we talked, Skimmer stated that he was happy that he missed Killington’s beatdown at #Catapult (his knee may not have been able to handle the Burpees & the running) but he was thinking about coming to BombSquad today. As I nodded my head understandingly, Skimmer asked, “By the way, whose Qing at BombSquad” ? With a big smile, I said, “I am” and then said, “You probably don’t want to come to BombSquad, tomorrow, either.” Apparently that’s all it took for Skimmer to HC (knee be damned)! #BlindCrippled&Crazy!!!

Arriving at the AO, I place 8 cones in a figure 8 pattern on the Large Parking Lot, than headed to the Shovel Flag to find a healthy number of Pax already circled up. I announced the 2 minute warning as additional Pax came streaming in. I apologized for not wearing my signature fanny pack (#FanFavorite). No fanny pack means=No music (or does it?) 🙂

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Welcome to F3 & Proper Disclaimer

COP: 18 SSH IC; 18 TTT IC; 10 Windmill IC (Kiwi Cadence was initially implemented just to shock the system); 15 Tempo Squats; 18 LBAC IC; 17 LBAC in Reverse IC. During the COP, the Pax were clamoring for some trivia questions, so I asked what song or what movie did the phrase, “18-88 – Blind, Crippled, or Crazy” originate? No one had an answer, however, Candy Cane did correct me and stated that the phrase was “18-80” not “88” (Candy Cane obviously has higher standards) J

After the COP was completed, we mosey’d to the coupon pile, retrieved a block for each Pax, and returned to the circle in front of the Shovel Flag.



B – Blockees x 18 (no Burpees. You’re welcome, Skimmer)

L – Lunge around the COP

I – Incline Merkins x20 IC

N – Nolan Ryans x 24 IC

D – Decline Merkins x 25 IC

Mosey to the back parking lot (Luckily, the Football field was being irrigated). Line Up shoulder to shoulder by the cement island.

CRIPPLED: Find a Partner to Help you with your struggles

  1. Bearcrawl alongside your partner to the end of the parking lot . . .encourage each other
  2. Lung walk alongside your brother back to the starting line . . .motivate each other
  3. Sprint alongside your friend to the end of the parking lot . . .push each other (Oops, Sorry Skimmer)
  4. Sprint alongside your partner/brother/friend back to the starting line

“It doesn’t matter if you are currently crawling, walking, or running in this season of your life, we all need each other”

Mosey to the Large Parking Lot.


Run from cone to cone in a gentle curving pattern x2 to form a perfect Figure 8

Meet back at 1st cone. Run the Figure 8 pattern once more but this time stop at each cone for 8 reps of the following exercises:

                8 Merkins IC

                8 Squats IC

                8 Plank Jacks IC

                8 Lunges IC

                8 Shoulder Taps IC

                8 Willie Mayes Hayes IC

                8 Carolina Dry Docks IC

                80 Side Straddle Hops OYO

See what I did there? We started the festivities with 18 reps of SSH and ended with 80 reps of SSH

But wait! There’s more!! (about 5 minutes)

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag & Circle Up

Que the music!! – – – THUNDER STRUCK (#TrueCrowdPleaser). Yes YHC had some technical problems so the young bucks had to make jokes about my age. . .whatever . . . We got about 2/3 of the way through the song when Kiwi announced it was already 6:00am (according to the Church Bell we still had plenty of time, however, YHC is so nice he ended this routine early)

6:01 – Time Called, Block returned to Coupon Pile, Skimmer takes flight!

Count-0-Rama = 14


Announcements: Freed to Bleed; 7 Year Anniversary for F3 GrandStrand; New Directions needs volunteers; AO-The Pitstop will be rebooted for the summer (looking for a AOQ); 2.0 Evening Workouts will be held at Waterway Palms Plantation (need an AOQ) with pool party to follow each workout; “Beat the Heat” – June IntraSquad AO Competition has begun (get points for posting, Qing, & CoQing at BombSquad, Catapult, & ThePlank).

Prayers: Prayers for Kiwi’s mother (knees); Prayers for Kiwi’s friend (battling cancer); Prayers for Quaker’s son, Parker/“Tanlines” (career/interview process). Prayers unspoken.

NMMS: To all the Pax: Thank you for the opportunity to lead, I appreciate all of you. Shout out to Kiwi for keeping YHC in check & calling out a well-deserved 10 count. Special thanks to Skimmer for joining us in the Gloom, if your knee is anything like my ankle we’ll be seeing you a lot more at BombSquad! Tclaps to CrossStitch for his leadership and extremely fitting Gif expressing his true feeling on today’s beatdown.  Tclaps to BillyBlanks for not calling YHC out on the sprints like he did the other day against Drifter. Fistbump to SuperMario and his legendry ‘Stache. Good times were had by all.