1yr Q

1yr Q

Workout Date:



Jetah (2ndfQ)


Fergie (AOQ), Spinal Tap, Shoeless, Bubbles, Headgear (Na'Tan), Streaker, Manziel, Burgundy

The Thang:

Saw I had my 1 year coming up, and like all things new, that seems important. Seeing a hole on the Q sheet at the mother ship, I took advantage of that to have an anniversary Q. Soft start at 515, with all PAX present, beginning with sets of 12 for the warmup. mosey over to the parking garage for a little dora action in sets of 52. (burpees, mericans, big boys, etc.) Made our way back down, realized I wasn’t too sure how to get back, and let Spinal Tap take point. He had us stop to get some leg work in, and shoeless took that initiative at the pavilion, where we got to do 52 4 count flutter kicks. Mosey back to the parking lot, circle up, and push on with the day.


Service for Sunshine’s mom tomorrow

Join the Dragon Boat race to help support ground zero which is a ministry for the disenfranchised

Donate for my over the edge fundraiser to help secure the local shelter


Ukraine and Russia


Honored to Lead

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