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Hamburglar, Disconnect, Spork, Dog Pound, Bubbles, Headgear, Jingles, Valvano (QIC)

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41 and misty

Saturdays at Warthog are the perfect opportunity for some pre-gloom extra credit and Headgear threw out a “you call the time pre-run” on Twitter last night.  Knowing he’s training for the marathon, but wanting to get some ruck miles in, YHC tried to entice him with an hour of alternating 1/4 mile runs and 1/4 mile sandbag ruck.  That was quickly declined and BackDraft offered him an 0545 pre-run.  Turns out, Headgear got an early start for 14 miles total and picked up BackDraft for the final 6, YHC put in 3 miles with the alternating ruck/run, and Bubbles came running into the AO after a 6 mi run from the house (meaning 6 more miles back home).  We all caught our breath as the rest of the PAX rolled in … just in time for a little more running…

1 minute warning and disclaimer

Quick explanation that today’s beatdown is meant to keep the heart rate up and give us a great start to February – 2/1/20

SSH x 21 IC
Merkins x 20 OYO
Tempo Squats x 20 IC
LBAC x 21 IC (about this time Headgear noted the sandbags up on Forbus… hmmm…)
LBAC Reverse x 20 IC
Cherry Pickers x 20 IC
Quick stretch of the hamstrings, then a short mosey to check out those sandbags

As YHC mentioned, we’d be keeping the heart rate up today.  In addition to the 60# and 80# sandbag, 3 cones were spaced down Forbus (further than the traditional basketball court length as the PAX continually reminded YHC)

2/1/20 translates to 2 burpees, 1 suicide, 20 reps for the rest of the morning

YHC will call out an exercise.  PAX will complete 2 burpees, 1 suicide run, and then 20 reps of the called exercise followed by SSH on the 6.  Once all PAX are doing SSH, YHC will call out the next exercise.  If anyone needed a breather a sandbag carry to the 3rd cone and back could be substituted for the suicide.

The exercises:
1. Hand-release merkins
2. Butterfly Situps/Funky Buddha’s
3. Squats
10 count
4. Merkins
5. LBCs
6. Jump Squats
10 count
7. CDDs (I think this was the first round a sandbag was picked up.  PAX had been eyeing them, but no one wanted to be first)
8. Heels to Heaven
9. Monkey Humpers
10 count
10. Hand-Release Merkins (PAX: What? We already did those!?  YHC: Tomorrow is Groundhog Day – time to rinse and repeat)
11. Butterfly Situps/Funky Buddha’s
12. Squats
10 count
13. Merkins
14. LBCs
15. Jump Squats
10 count
16. CDDs (I think this was the first round a sandbag was picked up.  PAX had been eyeing them, but no one wanted to be first)
17. Heels to Heaven
18. Monkey Humpers

Getting close to time, so YHC called to circle up for a quick round of Mary:
21 American Hammers IC
20 Peter Parkers IC
20 Parker Peters IC

Time Called!

Count-O-Rama – 8
–  F3GrandStrand is building an application to host the F3 10 year anniversary in 2021. Contact Headgear with ideas!
–  YHC is looking for HCs for Spring Flag Football.  T/TH evenings at Market Common.  Need HCs by Monday!
–  Weasel is looking for HCs for Spring Softball – contact him for details
Prayer requests:
–  Jingles’ family, growing 2.0s (birthdays and daily trials), PAX’ health, unspoken


I think I caught the PAX off guard with all the running this morning.  Even with all of the pre-runs, everyone kept the pace up the entire morning.  Some sandbag carries were substituted as needed and Spork was a beast running with the 60#!  Overall, great morning in the gloomy mist with great mumble chatter throughout!

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