2018 Ugly Sweater Christmas Convergence (and Ugly it was)!

2018 Ugly Sweater Christmas Convergence (and Ugly it was)!

Workout Date:



Sunshine (nant'an elect F3Grandstrand), Quaker (First F Q elect F3GrandStrand), Goldberg (stepping in for Hoedown and Weazleshaker F3Republic), Bluegrass (First F Q F3Republic)


Tan Lines, War Eagle, Bling, Podcast, Flop, Cheesy Biscuit, Papa Smurf, Run Off, Raid, Rousey, Kitten, Rip (2.0), Smokey Bear, FIFA (2.0), Redcoat, Cubby, El Red Cardo, One Call (Nant'an), Franklin, Hamburglar, Varsity, Whittle, Brown Bag, Billboard, Weedeater, 50/50 Meatball, Flash, Etch-A-Sketch, Pert Plus, High Interest, Vit. D, Big Wheelz, Rocky Top, Sapling, Weasel, Skidmark, Enron, Mudslide, Straplock, Headgear, Super Dave, Rubber, Boxcar, Lombardi, Postal, Beefsteak

The Thang:

Conditions: It was a cool, rain saturated, windy, overcast morning (Low 40’s) making Ugly sweaters ideal for the conditions.  This Convergence has been long awaited as we were hopeful for Huge attendance from ALL across F3GrandStrand as this would be last convergence before the split of our region into F3GrandStrand  and F3Republic under the idea of addition by division.  This date is also special where we announce new leadership and Executive boards for the 2019 year as well as vision for the upcoming 43 ft.

Prior to today, the chosen Q’s; YHC, Hoedown, Quaker and Bluegrass had been conversing about beatdown options to ensure a good beatdown that was sure not to disappoint (who knew it would be so hard to get 50 PAX organized and moving).  Unfortunately, Hoedown came down with Strep and Goldberg, the voice of the Ultimate Warrior, graciously stepped up to Q in his place.  As I pulled into the parking lot at 6:50 I was happy to see so many PAX had been eager to play and especially so may PAX from #TheRepublic and #Riviera.

1 Min Warning Announced:

Capri Lap to the football field (numerous lat min PAX still pulling in and fighting for parking)

In the wake of yet another F3 (FIA) accidental death resulting from PAX being struck by car, Goldberg came up with idea demonstrating safety for ALL: Pre workout C-O-R

COP: Sunshine on Q


1 Burpee OYO


2 Burpees OYO

IW 20 IC

3 Burpees OYO

Windmills 15 IC

4 Burpees OYO

LBAC Forward 15 IC (Nant’an recited Mission)

LBAC Reverse 15 IC (5 core principles)

Cherry Pickers 15 IC


YHC had grandiose ideas the night prior that COP would be complete with 10 min to spare for partner style Dora exercise before my 15 min limit expired and the baton was passed.  As I laid out the ground rules, I was quickly given 2 min warning by Quaker.

Abs heavy Dora 1,2,3 (Atempted) : in Partners, PAX 1 performed reps of 100 BBSU, 200 2 count Flutterkicks, 300 Plank jacks while partner 2 ran across FB field and back before flapjacking/continuing.  Grandiose ideas of animal walking i.e. bear crawl, crab walk, frog jump rather than mosey prior to modification d/t time.  The entire exercise was cut short when Quaker called audible to ensure he got his entire 15 min.

Mosey to Big Parking Lot and circle up for:

Quaker on Q:

Deck of Death Hershel Walker style:  each PAX draws a card, Merkins performed the number of reps represented by the card and then states 1 thing that he is thankful for regarding F3.  It was soon discovered that the deck seemed stacked (midwest Euchre style with only 10 and higher).  Some PAX (those on NE side of parking lot) spent more time chasing wind blown cards across lot.  Card selection continued until 15 min elapsed, at which time, Merkin Form was beginning to slide.

Goldberg on Q:

Team Relay: Battle of Horry style (Conway vs MB)

Goldberg attempted to make “even ” teams of PAX  representing Conway PAX vs GS PAX all aligned across one side of the large parking lot .  This process only took what seemed to be 10 of his allotted 15 min because Goldberg was systematically stacking the Conway team with MB ringers of his choice to even the numbers of PAX.  Once teams were established the ground rules were set.

ALL pax to plank while 1 by 1 each PAX from each team sprinted across lot, performed 10 SSH and sprinted back to tag next PAX in line.   During the relay, ALL Pax partook in some great 2nd F time, relaxed on their knees (faking Plank).

What started off as a slight lead for the MB PAX, quickly diminished and the Conway Speedsters took over the lead with abut 5 PAX remaining.  Noticing their certain fate, the NM PAX decided to throw a monkey wrench in the outcome and carry Rousey back and forth, thus causing laughter by all and the race was called a draw.

Mosey to FB Field were…

Bluegrass on Q:

PAX were aligned at one end zone of football field for grueling (almost merlot inducing)….

Red Barchetta: with cones placed at 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards; sprint 25 yes, perform 25 Merkins, Sprint back, plank on the 6. Sprint 50 yrds, 50Mt Climbers, sprint back, plank; sprint 75 yes, 75 LBC’s, sprint back and plank. Sprint 100 yrds, 100 SSH (this is where the pre-merlot tingle sets in), sprint back and plank for the 6.

PAX re-alligned on sidelines single file for what seemed to be organized (not) chaos;

Gassers/Up-Downs:  ALL PAX to begin chopping followed by up/downs at Q’s instruction followed by gasser (two laps across FB field and back). Rinse and repeat 3X until just enough time left to mosey to shovel Flag for COT.

COT: C-O-R (all 47?,48?,…50? PAX accounted for), N-O-R

Announcements:  An Amazing Plaque was presented to One Call for his 3.5 yrs of dedication and commitment to Plant, Grow and Serve the F3GS region and live his life 3rd as our mission directs us to do.  As your new Nant’an I can only hope to serve in a capacity that demonstrates what is implied by H.I.M.  I look forward to ALL that 2019 has offer with ALL of YOU.  Lets get out there and rescue some SAD CLOWNS from the FARTSACK!

Coffeeteria followed and good times were had by ALL.



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