2019 Q v Q Final – Upon the Shoulders of Giants!

2019 Q v Q Final – Upon the Shoulders of Giants!

Workout Date:



Skidmark (AOQ), Quaker (QIC - Home), Crankbait (QIC - Away)


Brownbag (Respect), Rousey, Texas Ranger, Hot Tub, The Intern, Vitamin D, Crankbait, Quaker, Sunshine, Hamburger, Rubber, Rocky Top, Boxcar, Elredcardo, Buffett, Humpback, Skidmark

The Thang:

As I rolled into the Bombsquad parking lot, I saw Quaker at the shovel flag, chatting with a few other pax.  They shall remain nameless to protect their identities and their clear favor for the Home Q.  As I approached, I heard a hush come over the group – “Shh, shh, here he comes.”  It was clear that my worthy adversary had arrived much earlier to establish his home field advantage.  As the clear “Away” pax in this competition, I offered some pleasantries to the crew.  As I looked on suspiciously, one of the pax shouted “No Collusion!”  I guess we’ll see.  As 5:30 approached, HIM after HIM rolled into the lot, reaching a grand total of 17.  It was a B.I.G. Monday indeed.

AOQ Skidmark offered a proper welcome and disclaimer.  An expert 5 minute C.O.P followed and the competition began.  As the gracious Home Q, Quaker yielded the first 10 minute segment to YHC.  I was full of Qdrenaline and quickly lead the Pax toward station #1 in front of the coupon pile.  “I hope you don’t need any coupons,” shouted the Nantan, knowing what I would soon discover.  As I rolled past, I could see out of the corner of my eye that Quaker had pillaged the coupon pile, leaving only crumbs for YHC.  #ModifyOnTheFly.

The Beatdown – My inspiration for this QvQ beatdown was all of the other HIM who volunteer to Q (and Lead) in the gloom on the regular.  I came across this quote, explaining that we all get help from those who have lead before us.  All of the exercises would be “borrowed” from some of the best Qs I know around the region – A sort of “Q’s Greatest Hits”.


“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Sir Isaac Newton.


“Upon the Shoulders of Giants”, Station #1 – Accelerating Side Straddle Hops IC x20 (credit Barney).  The cadence and pace slowly increased until we reached “Turbo” pace (credit Goldberg). Mosey.

Station #2 – Merkins 3 ways (credit OneCall).  Standard Merkin x 10 IC, Wide Grip Merkin x 10 IC, Diamond Merkin x 10 IC.  Mosey

Station #3 – Paint the Lines (credit Quaker) – He does it best, but we tried to match his usual intensity (#AngryQuaker).  Mosey

Station #4 – Catch me if you Nantan (credit Sunshine) – All pax tried to catch backward running Sunshine after 3 Turbo SSH.  Only 5 succeeded.  #FastestBackwardRunner.  5 burpees were enjoyed by all to celebrate.  Jailbreak sprint back across the lot.  Mosey

Station #5 – Balls to the Walls in front of the church (credit Boxcar).  Always a crowd favorite.  Shoulders were warmed up for later in the beatdown.  Hold it to the end and feel the pain.  Time.


Quaker then took charge and conducted a well planned “Panic Room” 10 minute beatdown.  I joked that this would be the beginning of everyone’s 10 minute Recovery.  #Wrong.  He DID manage to use every dang coupon in the AO, all the while shouting “Choppy Feet” with a straight (and slightly angry) face.  Well done sir.


I then took back over for session #2 of “Upon the Shoulders of Giants”

Station #6 – Ring of Fire Ruck Press (credit Bling).  No ruck available – #modify.  4 coupons were borrowed from Quaker’s setup.  All pax circled up and took turns counting 5 reps.  4 pax pressed coupons.  13 pax performed air presses.  All got better.  Mosey to the front of the church.

Station #7 – Rubber Count Flutter Kicks (credit Rubber).  Slowest possible cadence was called for IC flutters x 10.  Mucho complaining from the pax meant the count was on point.

Station #8 – Plank until Dead (credit Handy).  Qdrenaline was accessed.  No one does this better than Handy, but we tried our best.  Mountain Climbers IC x 20, Hold plank, Plank Jacks IC x 20, Hold Plank, Mountain Climbers IC x 10, Hold Plank, Death.  Recover.

Station #9 – Jack Webbs (credit Papa Smurf).  Merkins and air presses were performed in standard fashion.  We summonsed Papa Smurf’s timeless moxie and powered through 7 rounds with smoked shoulders.  Great job men!


Quaker then took charge again, circling everyone up for Parking Lot Burn Outs.  A solid beatdown commenced despite our inability to follow simple running directions.  As always, Angry Quaker made an occasional appearance for motivation and redirection.  A round of sprints finished off the pax, as we raced toward the shovel flag.  Time was called.


Announcements, Countorama (17), and Namorama was conducted by the AOQ (Skidmark).  As clearly outlined in the QvQ Handbook and Rules of Engagement, the Home Q (Quaker) prayed us out.  QvQ 2019 was officially in the books.


Moleskin – It was an honor to share the AO with Quaker, a true HIM and an amazing Q.  I am humbled to be a part of this thing we call F3.  In so many ways, we are all standing upon the Shoulders of Giants.  Aye!


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