21s…. Batter Up

21s…. Batter Up

Workout Date:





First Base, Saw Dust, Single Barrel, Skimmer, Rocky Top, Candy Cane

The Thang:

Conditions– High 70sĀ  and HUMID

First up to the plate- Pikachu…….he was scheduled to be on Q this morning, but with ongoing back issues he sent a note out to the group yesterday to see who could step up to the plate to Q. Flop, Catapult’s former fearless leader, stepped up next to bat without hesitation; however, he didn’t think of the beatdown consequences from Boxcar’s birthday Q from the day before šŸ™‚ On my way over the AO in the morning, received a text from Flop that he “struck out” and needed me or Rousey to step up to bat. Rousey wanted a turn at the plate and advised the AO PAX that we would be doing a fit test round of 21s for the Thang today. Rousey hit a triple, but couldn’t quite hit it out of the park without my help (more to come at the bottom of the B.B.)

PAX picked up a coupon and made their way over the large parking lot.


Stretch OYO for 3 minutes at large parking lot. Rousey saw that PAX struggled with this simple task and proceeded with the following warmups:

SSHs 15 IC



LBOCs in reverse IC

Rousey explained the following set of 21 exercises (Some struggled with the directions, but Rousey said “let’s make our wives proud”)

Combination of Merkins and Curls on one side

Combination of Big Boys and Squats on the other side

We started at 5:40am and the goal was the accomplish the 21 set by 6am. Close, but no cigars for all of us. I attribute it to the high level of humidity, or in my case, my bum achilles šŸ™‚

Returned coupons to the pile and returned to COT

3 minutes of stretching. While stretching, Rousey discussed a conversation he had with an African American buddy from work and encouraged us to make incremental changes in our lives to create real change in the world around us. We should push for change within F3 as well and how it is open to all MEN regardless of skin color, demographic and socio-economic backgrounds. Rousey- thanks for your leadership and pushing to better us all!!




Announcements- Convergence on June 13th- fun times to be had by all

Skimmer prayed us out.

I was next up in the clean-up batting position for the workout this morning to send out the B.B.



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