Workout Date:





Malpractice 3x respect, Flop 1x respect, Quicksand

The Thang:

Timeshare 12/22/22

50’s drizzle

Arrived at the avista 05:00 to prep 

Been dealing with feet/ toe issues, have discovered the running shoes I’ve been wearing were causing left heal to hurt because of week side of sole. Needlessly to say I’ve missed a lot lately trying to heal feet and work related issues have hindered, along with end of year push to complete jobs at work. 

Missing workouts is like having to drag an anchor around all day all the while I’ve still been waking up at gloom thirty anyway , not really accomplishing much. Early workouts and fellowship with the pax is essential so showing up and scaling might actually be better in the long run. Working on it making the change. 

Thankful for the goodness that has flowed through F3 for men all over the world. 

On site:

MAL calls asking where I’m at and to my unaware, quicksand and flop had parked on the other side of avista. We got assembled and got to it. 

Disclaimer given

12-22-22 so 22 was the theme at 21?  floors covered as well in the garage. ( meant to go to floor 4 at end) Time worked out perfect. 

22 kills, our wonderful veterans need us to make the world aware of the travesty that occurs far to much, 22 commit suicide daily, the number may have actually dropped which is awesome. This time of year must be even more difficult. Let us honor them for their amazing sacrifice and suffering we can never really repay. 

Warm up to see if chicken little or other pax show up.

22 SSH ic

22 Moroccan nightclubs

22 LBAC fwd and rev

22 TTT ic clap behind back

Reposition for the Thang

Floor – exercises 

0 – 22 merkins 

1- 22 big boys

2- 22 shoulder taps ic 

3- 22 jump squats

4- 22 flutters ic 

5- 22 plank jacks ic 

6- 22 temp squat ic 

7- 22 LBC’s ic 

8- 22 SSH ic 


7- 22 Smurf Jack ic 

6- 22 wide arm merkin ic 

5- 22 whittle squats ic plank position ,feet against wall, rep knees to floor and back up 

4- 22 carolina dry docks ic 

3- 22 heels to heaven ic 

2- 22 skaters 

1-  22 burpees ring of fire 2 each around circle till total 22 – we did 24

0- 22 air presses wall sits 

Back to 3rd floor for final decent 

Pax choice 

3- 22 something great I’m sure 

2- 22 hand release merkins 

1- 22 American Hammers

0- 22 monkey humpers


give blood when you can, our numbers are down from previous collections.

YHC prayed us out