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Buffett, Flyover, El Red Cardo, Skidmark, Quaker, Boxcar, Chewey, Flatliner, Rubber, Skimmer, Bobsled (Kotter), Mudslide, Crankbait

The Thang:

Conditions: low 60’s,dark and cloudy.

With expectations of rain, I began planning workout to include resistance while remaining under front canopy of church.  I acquired a supply of coupons from High Interest on Sunday afternoon as I can’t recall what supply of coupons are still behind the rec center.  Sure do wish we could reestablish a good supply again.

To my surprise, no rain by 05:30 and pax kept coming and coming.  Oops, not enough coupons, gotta modify the beatdown.

1 min warning

The Thang:
COP (mosey with reps at various stations around the AO)
SSH x 25 IC
Windmills x 25 IC
Imperial Walkers x 25 IC
TTT x 25 IC
Lil’ baby Arm Circles x 20 IC
Reverse x 20 IC
Over Head Clap x 20 IC
Burpee Mile: 12 burpees, lap around AO, rinse and repeat 3 more times.
Rather than wait on the 6, I asked quaker to lead the pax in Dan Taylors until all Pax completed the Mile.
Dan Taylors: 1 squat followed by 4 lunges (each leg), repeat in 1:4 ratio i.e. 2:8, 3:12, etc to 5:20.
Pax were then partnered up and each pair grabbed a coupon
Flora 1,2,3 (modified); Dora’s lazy, mean stepsister. Pax partner up, and grab a coupon, preferably of the 35 lbs CMU size (concrete masonry unit). 100 Merkins – P1 does 10 with feet on coupon. P2 holds plank. Flapjack.200 LBCs – P1 does 20 LBC’s. P2 holds legs 6″ off ground, and extends arms w/ coupon over chest. Flapjack. 300 Goblet Squats – P1 does 25 goblet squats with coupon. P2 holds Al Gore.
Some Pax began finishing early and were asked to run 1 more lap around AO while waiting on the 6.
Announcements:  Team Dad CFE, upcoming CSAUPS.
Prayer/Praise: Sawdust (Doc Smith) in hospital with severe viral illness.
Always a pleasure to serve HIM!

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