2nd F with a side of workout

2nd F with a side of workout

Workout Date:



Pikachu/1St Base


Pikachu (AOQ), 1st Base

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions: 37 degrees

So I keep trying to get Candycane on W but this work thing keeps getting in the way. I knew he wasn’t coming and figured only two or three guys would actually venture into the frigid tundra of Myrtle Beach. So I show up at 5:05 am and I waited and waited until finally 1st base came through. Whew, thought I was going to have Texas Ranger solo workout today. In any case, shovel flag is out, All two Pax are ready so let’s go get it. Talked with 1st Base and said I’ll do half and you ok with doing the other half on the fly? He was up for it

One Minute Warning

Proper Disclaimer


15 Harry Rockets IC, 15 IW IC, 15 TS IC 15 LBAC F,R, OHC IC, 15 HB IC, 15 SSH IC

Ok let’s mosey to the Cross

20 Dips

30 Seconds of Rocky Balboa

20 Derkins

30 Seconds of Rocky Balboa

20 Incline Merkins

30 Seconds of Rocky Balboa

20 Step Ups

30 Seconds of Rocky Balboa

Mosey to Large Parking Lot and line up Parallel to Carolina Forest Blvd

Suicides but only count every other line and back to the beginning for 5 Crunchy Frogs.

Made a modified version of first half of this workout. Got to remember that Catapult is for men who want to be part of F3 but don’t want to have the pressure of keeping up with those who are in good to great shape or a nagging injury.

At this point I handed it over to 1st Base

We did a nice mosey to the coupon pile. Block are nice and cold today.

21’s Curls

15 Front Later Raises

15 Tricep Ext

Rinse and Repeat

Put the block away

Mosey to shovel flag

Bear Crawl from shovel flag to Intersection

Toy Soldier Back to Shovel Flag

Hurricane Hoe Down to 7

Rectangle up for some Mary

All 15 Count IC

LBC, Freddie Mercury, Flutters, Box Cutters, Hello Dolly.

Saved 3 Minutes at the end to do some stretching OYO

Count-O-Rama 2


Announcements, Growruck, Turkeytrot, Mini Convergence #Catapult/Vilage at Plantation lakes at 7am Thursday.

Prayers, keep Royce employee in prayers. Jesus is calling him home soon.

This was a good time for me to learn who Royce is, kids, job etc. Great 2nd F workout and sometimes less is more in other ways.

Honor to share the lead









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