2nd Place is a set of steak knives!

2nd Place is a set of steak knives!

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Drifter, Hamburglar, CandyCane, Baggage, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:


AO: Elevation Monday/ Elevation Run Day

The BRR is behind us but we’re not done running! With the addition of a Monday WaveRucker, it seems that EM will stay as a run workout…at least for most days. EM was originally started as a Run/Ruck workout but with a lack of runners showing up, it became a ruck day but was morphed into a run day as we had several PAX training for the BRR. With only one HC, YHC had planned a run and sandbag beatdown but a few more PAX decided to show up so Plan B it is.

No Time Warning…Baggage showed up just in time.


Brief description of today’s beatdown including a demonstration of Pikachu’s Flop Specials that YHC had the opportunity to learn about last week at Warthog.

Run to and up the bridge. 20 Flop Specials at the top. Continue running to the bottom. 25 air squats and 25 lunges each leg. Run back up the bridge for 25 Flop Specials at the top and continue running back down for 50 air squats and 50 lunges each leg. Back over the bridge for another round and again but for the last one we did 25 squats and 25 lunges each leg and attempted to run back up to the top. I called for the group to turn around before we got there as it appeared that we would go over on time. We made it back to the AO right on time!

Total was somewhere between 3.9 and 4.45 miles depending on whether you ask Drifter or Baggage. 145 Flop Specials. 200 Squats. 200 lunges each leg.

Announcements – Halloween Convergence. Chad 1000x. 2nd F Guys night out.

Prayers and Praises – Spoken and Unspoken.

”If you want to run faster, run with faster people”. This was the group to run with today! These dudes are studs. There was great conversation but YHC was more concerned with trying to keep up and not merloting on my own Q. Drifter and Baggage were talking pilot stuff so Hamburglar asked if they had seen the new Maverick Documentary where the old guy teaches the youngsters how to fly. This lead to discussion about another great flic, Iron Eagle! How do we have so many pilots in the group and no one is named Chappy! That better be the next FNGs name! CandyCane was reminding us how fast he is and complaining about the award he received for 2nd Place in his age group. Millennials and their participation awards! Anyway, this also spurred some talk about the Glengarry Glen Ross speech…1st place – Cadillac El Dorado, 2nd Place – A set of steak knives, 3rd place – you’re fired! Iron Eagle and Glengarry Glen Ross are classics but it turns out that only Hamburglar and YHC had even heard of them. CandyCane and Baggage weren’t even born yet and Drifter was still watching Sesame Street when those movies came out! There is a time in every man’s life when he looks around and realizes that he’s the old guy…this was one of those times! It was also one of those times when I looked ahead and realized that I am also the slow guy today! Great work men! Always an honor to lead!

-Headgear out!!!