3-2-1- AROD

3-2-1- AROD

Workout Date:





Sunshine, Chewy, High Interest, Varsity, Hot-tub, Skimmer, Buffett, Big Papi (FNG), Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: 74 Degrees, Damp

YHC could not sleep last night in anticipation of his first Q as AOQ. Would the ##’s beat Monday’s PAX? Would anyone post? Only time would tell, but my mind kept racing. At 2:30 am YHC was up mentally review the beatdown – would it be too hard (#doubtful), too soft (#notachance), or just right (#goldielocks). 4:50 am could not come soon enough as I sprung out of the good o’ fartsack. Arriving at the AO early, I was immediately followed into the parking lot by none other than Sunshine (#EHmaster). Simple greetings as we passed one another on my way to the back parking lot to set up 4 cones approximately 25 yards apart from each other(#whatcoulditbe). Coming back to the main lot, FNG – Big Papi rolled in early with a few extra layers. Sunshine assured Big Papi that long sleeves and layers would not be need, however, a set of workout gloves were offered. Hot-tube & Chewy rolled up together in the Shaggin’ Wagon, then entered Skimmers (#Kotters) and Buffett. . . Varsity rounded out the PAX as we circled up for COP.

1 Minute Warning

Proper Disclaimer

COP: 20 SSH I.C.; 20 Windmills I.C.; 20 Mountain Climbers I.C.; 20 TTT I.C.; 22 Merkins OYO (#22kills); 20 Little Baby Arm Circles I.C.; 20 LBAC Reverse I.C.; 20 Real Cherry Pickers I.C.; 20 Overhead Claps I.C.

Indian Run around large parking lot and continue to back lot.

At south end of back parking lot we lined up for Red Barchetta

3-2-1 Sprint 100 yards to far cone and do 100 SSH . . . mosey back to the start

3-2-1 Sprint 75 yards to next cone and do 75 Squats . . . mosey back to the start

3-2-1 Sprint 50 yards to next cone and do 50 Mountain Climbers (2 count) . . . mosey back to the start

3-2-1 Sprint 25 yards to near cone and do 25 Merkins.

Mosey to Large Parking Lot, partner up. . . “What happened to High Interest?” “Another batch of Mom’s Meatloft?”


3-2-1 AROD: Partner 1 runs across the large parking lot backwards as Partner 2 AMRAPs Squats . . .Flap Jack until team reaches 300 total Squats

Partner 1 sprints across large parking lot forwards as Partner 2 AMRAP’s Big Boy Sit-ups . . . Flap Jack until team reaches 200 total BBSU

Partner 1 continues to sprint across large parking lot forwards while Partner 2 AMRP’s Merkins . . . Flap Jack until team reaches 100 total Merkins

Single file Mosey into PAIN’t the Lines (#crowdpleaser)

Mosey to back parking lot and collect the cones on way to Shovel Flag

8 minutes of Mary around the Horn: 15 Flutter Kick I.C. (Quaker); 15 Merkins I.C. (Skimmer); 15 little baby crunches OYO (Varsity); 15 Crunchy Frogs OYO (Sunshine); 15 Diamond Merkins OYO (Big Papi); 15 SSH I.C. (Hot-tub); 15 ??? I.C. (Chewy); 15 Mountain Climbers OYO (Buffett)

Time Called




Announcements: New Myrtle Beach AO launch 11/7/17; Tailgate Party for MB v. CF Football on 9/14/17;


Moleskin: Always an Honor to lead such great #HIM. Looking forward to another great year in the Gloom. Let’s continue  to work together to get stronger Mentally, Physically, & Spiritually (#ISI)


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