3 Bs on 3 Bikes

3 Bs on 3 Bikes

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Backdraft, Billboard, Brown Bag QIC

The Thang:



It takes 9 minutes for YHC to pedal from home to The Hulk. At 0504 YHC mounted the trusty Rockhopper and ventured out into the extra dark gloom. It actually was kinda spooky, not a single car or lifeform was witnessed on the road to The Hulk. There was light at the end of the tunnel as the last curve was rounded and there were Billboard and Backdraft waiting and ready to roll. The 9 minutes were precise as it was 0513 when YHC rolled in. Yep, just the 3 of us. The run group, wanting to get in the miles, left at 0500.


The mumblechatter went right to the talk of Liberty and the atrocious speech delivered the previous evening in our nation’s capital. The 3 of us, and we believe that the majority of people in our wonderful country have similar thoughts about this new administration. The discourse was good and we’ll leave it at that.


Our goal was to get a strong 45-minute ride in and to buzz by our F3 Brothers at both the beatdown at the Village and find the Run Group on the streets of Myrtle Beach. Mission accomplished. The PAX at the Village were still in their warm-up circle as we buzzed the parking lot and then just before we got to the beach on 65th Ave N we passed the Run Group. Our headlights blinded them and they didn’t know who or what we were.


We then headed up Ocean Blvd to 79th Ave N and headed back inland. We darted off to the paved path along the waterway and then back over the bridge.

The Run Group had just finished up and Rubber, Sunshine, Quaker, and El Red Cardo got to see the studly bikers that scared them back on 65th. Haha.


Well wishes were shared and we all ventured off to make it a great Friday!



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