3 Men or He-Men?

3 Men or He-Men?

Workout Date:





Wolverine, Jingles (RESPECT)

The Thang:

Conditions: Mid 60’s & rainy

YHC pulled into the AO to see his brother in tank top Wolverine already waiting for him. Jingles decided to take time away from living at work to show up & show us how it was done.

With most of our “regular” (nothing regular about them) PAX taking the morning off rest up for Bling’s Ruck O-Rama tomorrow. YHC knew that the PAX would be smaller in number.

We started with 4 stations with 20 reps station

Round 1

Station 1 #70 Kettlebell side bends

Station 2 Ab-wheel

Station 3 Clubbell Overhead pulldowns

Station 4 #45 swings

Mumble chatter…

Round 2

Each station for 15 reps

Station 1 #70 Deadlifts

Station 2 Ab-wheel

Station 3 He-Man presses

Station 4 #35 Snatches


Round 3

Each station for 10 reps

Station 1 #70/50 Goblet Squats

Station 2 Ab-wheel

Station 3 Clubbell Catches

Station 4 #35 single arm presses


Round 4

Each station 5 reps

Station 1 #50 Bent over rows

Station 2 Ab-wheel

Station 3  Shield Cast or Bus Drivers

Station 4 #45 Swings

Moleskin: BeachBells is my favorite place to be at 05:15 on Friday mornings. The mumblechatter is strong & the PAX are stronger. Wolverine handed off the shovel(flag to be mounted later) & YHC is proud to have it.  YHC would like any & all PAX to come out play.



“Warriors, come out and play!” -Luther





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