3 Year AO Anniversary at Catapult!

3 Year AO Anniversary at Catapult!

Workout Date:



Flop (former / founding CP AOQ) and Rousey (former / founding CP AOQ Co 3rd F Q)


Kiwi (2X RESPECT), Lombardi (RESPECT), Manziel S. (RESPECT), FirstBase, JudgeJudy, CandyCane, Einstein, Killington, HedgeHog, OneCall, Crabs, Bling, CrossStitch (BS AOQ), BoxCar (EM AOQ), Pikachu (former CP AOQ Co 3rd F Q), O'douls (CP AOQ), Penelope (Co COMZ Q),Valvano (1st F Q), Jetah (2nd F Q), Headgear (Nant'an) and QICs

The Thang:

Conditions: High 50s, dry, and of course gloomy.

This morning marked the 3 year anniversary of the launch of #Catapult (CP)!  CP is a moderate pace bootcamp that is IR-FNG-Kotter friendly.  It doesn’t mean that workouts are easy, it means that the Q has to work a little harder planning a WOD that has the right blend of exercises, flow, plenty of modifiers (easier and harder) so that all skill levels are challenged.  “Just modify as necessary” is not good enough with all of us experiencing (directly or indirectly) the lonely “6” and how do we truly act out the F3 credo of “Leaving no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.”  CP has evolved into a stout AO with its own core group of #HIM, continuing to grow and becoming a model for similar AOs in and out of the region.  While Flop and YHC would to think that this was our doing, it has been through the efforts of Pikachu, now O’douls and next week FirstBase who have brought this to fruition — well done lads (they are not RESPECTs yet)!!

Enough yakity yak…Flop and YHC were tasked with CoQuing this morning’s anniversary beatdown and roughly 20 other Pax thought kindly of us to post!

Good morning, happy anniversary, F3 mission, disclaimer, #mumblechatter, typical F3GS warm ups by Rousey and then Flop took the first half of the beatdown that went like this…

Flop: “Really happy to have the opportunity to help Q the 3 year anniversary of Catapult.  Seems like only yesterday that it was just Rousey and I hanging out in a parking lot wondering if this thing was every gonna take off.  Now look at ya, already 3 years old and already so many memories (*wipes tear)…anyway…”

Mosey around the back of the church to the Cross:

Jack Webb with an Isometric kicker

1:4 ratio of merkins to air press

After the 3:12 set go into low plank and bring feet in to a Carolina Dry Dock position  Hold 20 seconds

Rinse and repeat with set 4 and 5

Mosey to baseball fields.

10 squats

On 11th squat hold then raise up on toes for iso squat calf raise, hold 20 seconds

Rinse and repeat 3 more times

20 calf raises OYO

Mosey to CFCC cross and find a really soft spot.  Captain Thors (Captain America and Thor from Marvel): A 1:4 ratio circuit of Big Boy Sit Ups (BBSU) and American Hammers (AH).  So, 1 BBSU then 4 1-ct AH…all the way to 10:40.  However, this morning we went in reverse order…and after each 1:4 ratio rep. we added in the supersize w/ Hand Release Merkins.  We paused slightly after each set to catch our breath and then YHC passed calling out the next sets to most of the F3GS Shared Leadership Team and AOQs.

Flop lead the Pax in a few rounds of Mary,Hurricane HoeDowns and his signature stretching with the “ropes”!


COR – 22 (O’DOULS)
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  We have 1st F, 2nd F and 3rd F events galore!  Get plugged in, make some friends, and even lead an event!!

NMMS 1: Even with the large group…all pretty much stayed together, encouraged each other, had fun (even doing mucho core) and put in strong work this morning!

NMMS: 2: A ton of pre-running this morning!  The ShieldLocks squeezing in some 1st F points — nice!!

NMMS 3: Check out these backblasts / AARs  HERE HERE HERE and HERE (too many to chose from really) from when we launched and relaunched…hilarious…my how the time flies!  Keep up the good fight Catapult #HIM!!

Honor to lead!


Flop and Rousey

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