33* 33′ 47.7432″ N 79* 2′ 31.686″ W marks the spot! “Where no man is left behind…

33* 33′ 47.7432″ N 79* 2′ 31.686″ W marks the spot! “Where no man is left behind…

Workout Date:



Papa Smurf


Flossy, Dabo, Heisenburg (Respect), Pluffmud (Respect), Progresso, Punchbug, Butterfingers, Papa Smurf

The Thang:


Mid 60’s, partly cloudy, slight breeze

As YHC pulls into parking lot, he notices unfamiliar vehicle on scene. At 0500 and it’s still dark-thirty, wouldn’t be  prudent to approach.  I digress but, common sense prevailed. Grabbed the shovel flag, cones, Noxgear next; planted the flag, hit the lights, set the cones out on BB field, clasped on my Noxgear 360 and off YHC went.

Upon my return, Dabo is getting out of the his truck and we chat a bit. Then from out of the darkest comes Punchbug from his morning run. Now that unfamiliar vehicle can be identified with it’s rightful owner. Rest of the PAX starts pulling in about this time and we meander over to shovel flag.

1 Minute Warning Given

At 0530, the DISCLAIMER was given


SSH x 20ct IC

IW x 20ct IC

BA circles x 20ct IC (forward)

Overhead Claps x 20ct IC

BA circles x 20ct IC (reverse)

Windmills x 20ct IC

Merkins x 20ct IC

L/R… R/L  (stretch those hamstrings, gluts, calves)

Mosey over to Gregory Ln/Nelson Loop

The Thang:

2/15/18 being today’s day, 2 burpees, 15 windmills & 18 BBSU at each of the four corners as the PAX rounds the four corners of Gregory Ln and Nelson Loop, while keeping one eye open for approaching vehicles. Now back to Wachesaw Park as we start the next round.

We stop, hats off as we stand before park flag and say the “Pledge of Allegiance”.  As we enter baseball #1, YHC explains the routine of why the “cones” are laid out the way they are.  Five burpees at starting line; next zig and zag outside each cone to end of field where final cones rest. 20 Squats OYO and plank while waiting on the PAX. Rinse and Repeat back to where it all started. Give me a 10 count!

Next, freestyle Frisbee time!! YHC lays out the rules. Form a big circle, bigger, bigger! Now you got it! Man with Frisbee is the quarterback. Quarterback calls out the #HIM he’s passing it to. The rest of the #HIM’s are the referees. Quarterback makes bad throw, referees penalizes with exercise. The receiver drops a good pass, slips, falls or any other reason, referees penalizes receiver with exercises. All players whether quarterback or receiver were heavily penalized. Final score, who knows. We had a large time. Mosey back to COT


Count-O-Rama 8


Prayer Request  Punchbug’s wife on International flight 14hrs (travel mercies)

Pluffmud’s son

Prayer Request unspoken

BOM by YHC prayers especially for the families in Florida where school shooting happen.


Papa Smurf





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