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Warm morning clocking in at 60 degrees



SSH x 20

Imperial Walkers X 15

Tempo Squats X 15


We hung around the Rock parking lot all morning for the entire beat down.  The first exercise was so accurately called meet in the middle.  We paired off and ran opposite directions around the Rock’s building.  Each time you met your partner you did an exercise.

Lap 1 was 25 merkins

Lap 2 was 25 big boys

Lap 3 was 25 squats.

I reminded the Pax that this exercise should motivate them to hustle and meet their partner at the halfway point so nobody has to run more than half way before the exercise break.  We all managed to finish at almost the same time.


2nd exercise was a rousing round of B.O.M.B.S. but with a twist.  Everybody kept the same partner and while one partner ran the other did exercises.

B – 50 total burpees

O – 100 total overhead shoulder presses

M – 150 total merkins

B – 200 total big boys

S – 250 total squats

The twist was the pax doing the running had to do 25 lbc’s at the end of the sprint before he ran back.  Lots of mumble chatter on this one.


Wrapped things up with a little more ab workout including heels to heaven and box cutters among a few others.  All in all a good workout on a nice warm morning!





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