The heat is back..

The heat is back..

Workout Date:





Studebaker, Billboard, Flintstone (Raleigh), Mr. Jingles (Respect), Franklin, Whittle, Bling, Valvano, Lombardi, Othello (Mint Hill), Geno, Woodchuck (York)(Respect), Bubbles, Flash, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Summer hot.  Bright strong sun.  70’s

Well another AWESOME day across the Grand Strand!!  A Guest Q at #BombSquad (Madame Tussauds who YHC knows always brings a brutal beatdown), the soft launch of #JudeeChop with Rousey on Q, pre-rucking and pre-riding at #Warthog, #TrainingWheels getting their mileage in, and our northern AO #Timeshare getting the privilege of having our #1stF Q High Interest taking the lead.  After Wednesday’s challenge from H.I. – #NantanVs1StFQ, and a strong showing by everyone (Side note: YHC “won” on behalf of #BombSquad with 7 more PAX, but everyone who posted was a winner! I know, corny, but true) – YHC threw the gauntlet out again for today with YHC on Q at #Warthog and H.I. at #Timeshare.  #LoadedDice as it’s tough without visitors to get more than 4 up there.  So, to be fair, I also included #Bombsquad, actually figuring with the Guest Q and #JudeeChop, they would win cleanly.  Tons of back and forth on Twitter and lots of EH’ing among the PAX.  After the workouts, Twitter chatter showed 12 at #BombSquad – very strong.  Still haven’t seen word about #Timeshare.  Ahem, #Warthog had 15!!!  Winner (again)!  3 of those men were from DR, which #Warthog always benefits from!!

Whittle and Billboard got in about 25 miles on their bikes before beatdown.  Valvano, Bling and Lombardi met at 0500, well a little later per Slack since Bling was late as usual, and got in 3 ruck miles before YHC joined them at 0600 (still nursing this stupid leg injury, I didn’t wanna push it with the Star Course coming up Friday) for another 3 miles.

And then the men started rolling in!  It was awesome to see Studebaker back from a cruise where he wore a F3 shirt, and met 2 other F3’ers!  But..after they asked him to workout, he said NO – having too much fun!  Mr. Jingles being able to join us on a Saturday, Woodchuck from DR, sandals and all and fresh from #BeachBells yesterday, Flash of course looking yoked, Bubbles taking his son’s (or maybe it was TNC’s missing) jeep, meeting Othello and Flintstone – both looking super fit so hoping I could bring them a beatdown!  And also Franklin, super glad we were there today!  Last week he posted all by his lonesome at #Warthog, failing to remember that there was a convergence at #Timeshare!!!

1 minute warning was given, followed by a full #Disclaimer

SSH x 25 IC
IW x 20 IC
Diamond Merkins x 15 IC
LBCs x 25 OYO
Tempo Squats x 20 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Repeating from Wednesday, and honored to have Whittle there!!!  We did #WhittleFlops x 10 IC
Then 5 burpees OYO

Headed from there to the hill

YHC wanted to blast the legs, AND make the PAX think.  We often have to do that in GORUCK events.  Get beat up, tired, etc, and then have to think, figure things out, work things out.  So…I figured some easy math would at least simulate this.  Wow, this counting was WAYYYY harder than it should have been!  Mostly Bling.  Bling can’t count.  Glad he is Weasel Shaker in charge of calculations, spreadsheets, and…o boy, we need to talk.

The exercise was 11’s.
Squats on 1 side – do 1.
Run to top – do 1 lunge each leg
Run to other side
Burpees – 10
Run back to top – ADD 1 lunge to the last # – Yes, add 1.  Not sure why there were so many issues.  I, as the Q, will take responsibility that our GS PAX CANNOT COUNT!  Our DR visitors had NO problem!  Anyhow, that would be 2, each leg.
Back to start, squats – 2
Back to top – AGAIN, ADD 1 lunge to the last #.  So this is….that’s right, 3!
Then burpees – 9
Keep going
Even though we had some major counting issues – this SMOKED the legs.  Up and down the hill, squats, lunges (210 if you did them all), burpees.  STRONG work.

YHC then had everyone plank around the hill, heads down, so a decline plank.  We then went around the horn with each PAX doing 5 derkins and counting them out while all others held plank.  We made sure everyone did them.

To the playground
Some upper body AMRAP now
5 pullups, chinups, reverse rows, or static hold if you need – work the back and arms
10 Merkins
15 CDD’s
Rinse and repeat nonstop til time is over
LBC’s AMRAP as some guys were finishing up their rounds when time was called

To the bridge
Bear Crawl over – super fast!  At least some of us.
22 Merkins on the other side – #22kills
AMRAP LBC’s on the 6

Run past the paying group doing basically nothing, over to the fountain
Some overall body AMRAP
Step up right leg
Step up left leg
Then 2 of each, 3, etc.  As many rounds as you can
There was a lot of head dunking in the fountain due to overheating
There was also a lot of standing around, leaning, etc….on the other side!  You know who you are.
Then, just cause it was fun and it sucked, we all did a decline plank and repeated the hill exercise, 5 derkins all around the horn while holding the decline plank

To Valor Park Grass for what was to be ab work…so take your 6.
Upon laying on the lush grass which had some nice cool dew, and being really overheated, YHC instructed everyone to roll around a few times and enjoy the cool moisture.  #CrowdPleaser
Turkish Get-ups x 10 OYO – 5 each side
Of course Geno whines – what’s the modify?
Sheesh – do 25 BBSU if you must
Then, to punish those that chose not to do the awesome exercise that is Turkish get-ups, 25 BBSUs OYO.  The modify is 10 Turkish get-ups!
Flutters x 25 IC
Pretzel crunch x 5 IC into pretzel stick x 5 IC
1 side, then the other

Mosey back….stopped on other side of the bridge to plank on the 6 and/or pick the 6 up

Back to start, circle up, 10 burpees OYO


Count-O-Rama – 15, 3 of them being #DR
Prayer requests unspoken

– The heat is back!  Awesome #mumblechatter this morning!  Great work from everyone!  Flash and Bubbles are always neck and neck!!
– I looked all morning for Screaming Eagle.  A great friend who had a semi-valid work excuse from Jan – April 17 this year (CPA), but now, NO EXCUSES.  In fact, there was a Twitter poll that indicated by overwhelming majority that he should definitely post!  Maybe next week….
– T-Claps to all the guys getting extra work in
– The #DR guys killed everything – thanks for coming guys!!
– 11 at #Coffeeteria was awesome!!
– Enjoyed it fellas! KEEP EH’ing!!!  No more it’s too cold excuses from people!
– Good effort once again by High Interest and the men of #BombSquad trying to beat YHC’s at #Warthog!

– The long awaiting ULTIMATE VQ of Goldberg Monday at #TheRepublic
– Look out for the newsletter!!  Lots of important stuff on it!
– #AOQChallenge going strong until next week!!  Keep on posting, getting FNG’s and #Kotters!
– Wanna ruck 50 miles in 20 hours in Washington DC???  Sure you do!  Geno had to withdraw due to family obligations so there is a slot!  Let me know!  May 18-19.  We rented a nice van.
– MudRun still needs teams and/or men!  See Skidmark!!!  May 19.
HUGE 3 year anniversary convergence on JUNE 9 at #Warthog – Papa Smurf on Q!!!  DO NOT MISS
– Dad Camp August 17-19 – talk to Crankbait


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