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War Eagle, Kitten, Skimmer, Cheese Steak, Crank Bait, Red Coat, Beef Steak, El Red Cardo, Rubber, Flyover, Buffett, Chewy, Skidmark

The Thang:

Conditions: Warm And Muggy.  I showed up early to get some cones set and soon after the PAX began rolling in, and rollin in, 2 last min PAX, CheeseSteak and you guessed it, Rubber roll in and YHC makes decision to complete Capri Lap (forever to called Rubber Route) while last catch up.

Capri lap


22 Merkins OYO



Mountain Climber 20 IC

Imperial Walkers 20 IC

Windmill 20 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles 15 IC

Recited the mission of F3

Reverse 15 IC

Recited the 5 core principles

Over Head Claps 15 IC

Mosey to b-ball court


Alarm 1 (arm,leg,abs,”r” ex, “m” ex): 30 reps :Carolina dry docks, lunges, LBC, Run, Merkins

Indian Run around AO soccer fields and back to court

Alarm 2 : 20 reps; alt shoulder taps IC, jump squats, Peter Parkers, ranger merlons (Hands at ribs), Makhtar N’Diayes

Indian Run again

Alarm 3: 10 reps; burpees, star jumps, mountain climbers, rockette hillbillies, monkey jumpers.

Mosey to parking lot at shovel flag where two cones at 100 yds were set.

Wilt Chamberlains (Modified d/t time): run from cone 1 to 2 50 LBC, run, 50 squats, 50 (2 ct.) flutter kicks, 50 Lunge


Announcements:  Last 3rd F at Waterway palms coming up Tuesday at 6:30.  AOQ challenge ended and Bombsquad is “winner”.  To all Newer PAX, get twitter and slack account. Post BB if Qing. F3 Dads Camp still avail.

Prayer by one and only Kitten.

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