39 minutes of pain……..

39 minutes of pain……..

Workout Date:





Chewy, Flatliner, Crankbait, Boxcar, Skidmark, Buffet, Sunshine, Hot Tub, Kitten, Skimmer, Geno, Bling

The Thang:

AAAAHHHH, the Village, or as I like to call it, “The Crematorium”.  Great AO, keep up the good work Sunshine.

Weather- 41 and brisk.  I am sick of this *^#*!!

Did a Q here about 2 weeks ago, so I knew what I wanted to do here, still arrived to an empty parking lot at 5:10 to survey the land.  Walked the Q route, making sure there were no hangups, noticed the shitters were gone and the trashcans still out on the field where they play soccer.  Made some adjustments and got back to the lot with a few cars rolling in.  Kitten and Hot Tub moseyed in on foot from the Hulk (solid).  A few more cars rolled in and I had 5:28 on my clock.  gave the 1 minute warning, then filled the group of 11 of us in on the text last night from Geno.

“What time is Village??”


“Where do I park??”

parking lot- you will see all the other cars when you roll in 5 minutes late!  And of course, right on time at 5:36, here rolls in the Expedition.  Classic Geno.  I told the boys as we were in the COP to ignore Geno for the 6 minutes he was late- this was without a doubt the best 6 minutes ever of F3.   DISCLAIMER….

22 Merkins IC for the Vets

15 sec plank- work on form


30 sec plank -work on form


45 sec plank- hold form

22 flutters IC

22 arm circles F & 22 B IC

22 Overhead claps

1 minute plank- shoulders smoking…..

mosey to the street light in the larger parking lot by 17 Bypass.  It was now 6:42 and we could all now talk with Geno.  UGH

partner up- 6 groups of 2.  Partner 1- bear crawl the 20 yards to the end of lot, lung. back.  Partner 2 will do 300 flutters and 300 LBC.  Switch until completed.

Indian run to the back of the field (by the crematory!). stay in your groups.  Partner 1- mosey to the 100 yards to the shed and back- partner 2 will do 300 squats and 300 CDD.  Groans, laughs, mumble, weeping, etc.

(was going to Indian hurdle all the way down the field, but with time and groans I let up on the group and we rested/walked to the other end of the field)

I had the trash cans set up for a solid suicide line.  run backwards to the 1st can and backwards back.  karaoke to the 2nd can and karaoke back.  mosey to the last can and back,  plank on Geno, ummm, the 6.

6:08, just enough time to mosey back to flag for a solid round of abs.

1 minute plank IC.  Sunshine made a backhanded comment about my timing ( “you’re only going 30 seconds when you say a minute”). I made sure to handle that with a solid minute- encouraging guys to hold the proper form.

6” round.  legs up for 3 rounds, then legs and arms up for 2 rounds, then legs, arms and head off the ground for 1 round.  GROANS…….

30 sec plank…….TIME

Announcements- Adventure race, GoRuck, Dragon Boat- all things we know.  get on Slack, get out to Q elsewhere.  mentioned the 2 VQ’s by Skidmark and Boxcar- solid work Dudes.  Geno is the only PAX not to Q Village, I am sure Sunshine took care of that as he was scheduling Feb past workout!

Prayers- big Wheelz and Pert, Sunshine’s client had a stroke, doing better.  Unspoken.  OUT

Great morning, great effort, great Mumble, all got stronger.

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