4/20/19 – Warthog – GUEST Q

4/20/19 – Warthog – GUEST Q

Workout Date:





ingles, Ezekiel, Smokey (visiting), Hamburglar, FNG (Karma - Charles Livingston), OneCall, Olive (visiting), Lambordi, Headgear, Flash, Billboard, Mayhem, Q - Noonan (visiting)

The Thang:

A few days before our typical Easter weekend down in the GS, YHC reached out to Lombardi and OneCall to find out the interest, if any, in having a guest Q at the Warthog on 4/20. It required some rearranging of Q’s, but they made it happen. TClaps for providing the opportunity to lead!

YHC was planning to EC Ruck and decided to wing it on the time. Then he realized that morning upon waking up that there would not be enough time to make it in time. No big deal, as it provided extra time to make sure the beat down would be a good one. Upon arrival, there were two PAX in the car waiting and the three of us gathered on the grass area inside the track. That’s when I discovered we had an FNG among us…upon completion, I knew he would be coming back after seeing these #HIM destroy a tough workout. It seems (in my humble opinion) that for most FNG’s the harder the Q the more attractive F3 seems or is. Karma (FNG) had a great spirit and sense of humor. What a great addition to the PAX. As the time drew near, I recognized some familiar faces circling up and met a few as well. 

It went like this…



-4 Merkins IC on my down

-20 SSH IC (4 count)

-4 Burpees OYO

-20 Monkey Humpers IC (4 count) 

The guys who were using there heads figured out that the rep scheme for the warm-up correlated to the date. 

We mosied to Mount Myrtle and partnered up for some extra motivation and accountability. YHC was blessed to partner up with Olive and learn briefly about Operation Sweet Tooth. YHC also discovered through questions that it was a significant day in he and his family’s life…today is the 11th birthday of his daughter, Christina, who watches over their family (and many more) from heaven. We cannot imagine the pain unless having dealt with a similar situation, but that shouldn’t stop any of us from reaching out and offering support to those dealing with struggle/challenges/difficulties/ and certainly the loss of loved one(s). 

Olive came for a beat down as a distraction and YHC did his best to deliver. 

First exercise…We did 11s (running over Mount Myrtle with an exercise at bottom of each side) and planked for the 6. 

The two exercises…Jump Squats and Burpees. And the mumble chatter commenced. 

Once the 6 was in, we Bear Crawled across the bridge/boardwalk (modification if needed) and planked for 6 on the other side. Then, while we mosied across the street to the fountain with the raised ledge, we crossed paths with a lone Rucker performing PT. #CTHT #GORUCK

At the fountain, we killed the chest and shoulder muscles…I mean, beach season is pretty much here, right? Next exercise…Merkin ladder challenge (EDM), 4 count IC (ouch). 1st round – 5 Erkins, Derkins, Merkins, 2nd round – 10 Erkins, Derkins, Merkins. The plan was to do a 3rd round of 15 reps, but YHC and a few others (maybe all) had a hard time completing the round of 10. That’s when the Q modified the plan on the fly. 

We mosied to 3 flag polls and partnered up with a different partner. Must say that Grand Strand has some strong HIM, and Flash is one of those who is setting the bar high. Great work to all, especially Flash and thank you for the steady push during the Dora, which consisted of

100 Burpees, 200 Jump Lunges (1 is 1), 300 American Hammers (1 is 1). Those that finished first joined in with those still working. Motivation is so key for F3. 

Running out of time, we mosied back to shovel flag for a quick round of Jack Webb’s…1 merkin and 4 hallelujahs working up to 10 merkins and 40 hallelujahs. 

Last but not least, we finished up with 1 burpee.


Traveling Pax, Injured PAX, Olive/Operation Sweet Tooth


GoRuck event (Battle of Baghdad next weekend in Myrtle Beach.May 3/4

Thanks for the opportunity to serve! Great work by the men that continue to push the rock in Myrtle Beach. Awesome to have a place to workout when visiting!!

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