4 pax and 4 corners

4 pax and 4 corners

Workout Date:





Buffet, Peterbuilt, Varsity

The Thang:

The Thang:

Conditions 50 degrees and clear perfect for a workout!

Pulled in with Peterbuilt already in the lot. YHC had about 5 minutes to spare. YHCwas a little concerned it would be just us two.  Buffet rolled in a minute after me and varsity showed as the disclaimer was made.


SSH x25 IC


Windmills x 20 IC

Merkins 22 OYO

LBAC x 20 forwad and 20 reverse

10 burpess

From here we did a nice mosey indian run around the entire parking lots including path through the ball fields.

Now that we were warm it was time for a four corner ladder in the bigger front lot.  We started with 10 merkins (lunge walk long sides of lot and bear crawl short sides), 20 LBC 2nd corner keeping merkins, 30 squats keeping previous 2 exercises, 40 flutter kicks plus previous 3 listed.  Then we had to work our way down dropping the flutters first then squats and so on keeping bear crawl short side and lunge walk long side.  YHC has some sore legs and Glutes as I type this!

Once we all finished it was time for some wall squats to get a little rest.   We all took turns going up the stairs while remaining PAX held the wall squat.  Rinse and repeated x 1.

It was now time for some intervals.  Using the big .3 mile loop around the lots and ball field we did a hard run 50-70 percent of your sprint long sides and slow mosey to recover on the short sides just for 2 laps.  Buffet took his exit about here and the 3 remaining PAX went back to the cars for a little cool down Mary.

Pax choice Flyover-american hammer x 25 IC, Varsity floyd may weather x 20 IC, Peterbuilt 10 burpees OYO, 20 big boys OYO, finally grinders x 8 (thats wide merkins on the even reps 8,6,4,2 and diamonds on the odds 7,5,3,1 with 4 mountain climbers in between each set.  These were quite brutal even counting back from only 8 to 1.

Time was called!




Prayer requests for the New York terror attack and just the country in general.



I enjoyed leading the PAX and realize I just need to get out of my fartsack and do it more often!

The numbers are down EH a friend text someone like me who has been hit or miss.  Weather is perfect for workouts no excuses!




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