4 Year Anniversary Convergence

4 Year Anniversary Convergence

Workout Date:



Sunshine (Nant'an), High Interest (weezel shaker), Headgear (Warthog AOQ)


Backdraft, 50/50, Hamburglar, Weedeater, billboard, Smokey (f3 summerville), Snips, Papa, Smurf, Scuba Steve, Grasspatch, Kharma, Hope Solo (F3 Camden), Goldberg, Cubby, Mayham (f3 Camden), Bluegrass, Bling, Humpback, Bonzo (2.0), Pedro (F3 Whiteville), Free Bird (F3 whiteville), Durden (F3 Whiteville), Honey Don't, El Red Card, Catfish (troubadour), Pepperoni (2.0), Trio, Kiwi, Geno, Boxcar, Rubber, Lombardi, Wendle G(F3 raleigh), Malfoy (2.0), Flop, Sunshine, O'doules, Barney, Podcast, High Interest, Skidmark, Col. Sanders, Texas Ranger, Brown Bag, Cheesy Biscuit, Skimmer, One Call, Whittle, Flash, Hoser, Valvano, Tater Tot (FNG 2.0), Headgear

The Thang:

What an awesome Gloom for a Convergence!  Great weather! While numerous PAX were Rucking (WaveRucker) and biking (Salty Gears), High Interest and YHC were meeting in the super gloom at Krispy Kreme donuts picking up coffeeteria goods for the 2nd F after Convergence.  BTW, 10 dozen donuts and 6 boxes of coffee is way too much for this HEALTHY bunch, just sayin.  As the two of us arrived at warthog, I was surprised to see the parking lot mostly full with vehicles sporting F3 stickers, Awesome turnout and 30 min early no doubt. YHC drove to set the coffeeteria up and quickly get back to chat with the other early bird PAX.

PAX from ALL AOs were representing as well as Guests from across the waterway F3 Republic and some from the misstate regions like Summerville and Camden.  Catfish, one of the anointed troubadours from F3 Nation also joined in the festivities with his 2.0 Pepperoni.  Flags had been planted, at least 5 from One Call’s private stock and made an impressive site of patriotism.  As we all began to gravitate toward the flags, High Interest reminded me it was 1 min warning. and time to get this party started.


COP: led by YHC (Sunshine)


5 Merkins OYO

Windmills 20 IC

5 Merkins OYO

Imperial Walker 20 IC

10 Merkins OYO


10 Merkins OYO

LBAC forward 15 IC

While holding One Call stated the mission of F3

LBAC reverse 15 IC

5 core principles were shared from various PAX

Over Head Clap 15 IC

Red Barchetta: prior to start, cones had been placed on the field accordingly: 10 yds, 25 yds, 50 yds, 75 yds, 100 yds.

Que the music: Red Barchetta by Rush circa 1981.

Pax were instructed to sprint to the 100 yd mark, 100 SSH and mosey back to start and plank while waiting on the six.

Sprint to 75, 75 mountain climbers, mosey back and plank

Sprint to 50, 50 LBC’s, mosey back and plank

Sprint to 25, 25 merkins, mosey back and plank

Sprint to the 10, 10 Burpees, mosey back and plank

Que handed off to High Interest who circled all PAX in center of field

High interest land pax in good old fashioned 4 corners.

4 cones had been placed on field such that 2 were on left side lines about 75 yds apart and 2 on right sidelines the same forming big rectangle. Pax were instructed to divide into groups and each go to separate cones to performreps of different exercises at each cone while moseying between cones.

round 1: 10 wide arm merkins, 10 lunges, 10BBSU, 10 Burpees

HI asked One Call to share what F3 has meant to him.

round 2: 20 merkins, 20 Monkey Hummers, 20 American hammers, 20 Mtn Climbers

HI asked Goldberge to share some emotional stuff here

round 3: 30 Car Dry docks, 30 squats, 30 LBC’s, 30 smurf Jacks,

lastly Troubadore, Catfish shared some more about the meaning of being a #HIM.  All of the sharing was truly from the heart and represented what most of believe and rarely share.

round 4 40 alt shoulder taps, 40 Calf Raises, 40 Flutter kicks, 40 SSH

again, Q was handed off to Headgear who led the final 20 min.

Modified Mercy Mile: using High interests cones, PAX were instructed to Sprint/mosey the straight portions of track while crossing field in various rep styles.

round 1: bear crawl the east side of field/lunge

round 2: broad jumps/bunny hops

All pax were again instructed to circle up for Up/downs wrestler style high knees (aka choppy feet)/spraws.

22 Merkins IC

5 jumpSquats 5 OYO

rinse and repeat all 3 exercises

to finish out the last few min, Headgear instructed a impromptu yoga session, but he called the stretches. lol, whatever!




announcements: given by HI, Headgear, and YHC

Prayers: Geno’s Father, Kiwi’s daughter and a few others unspoken

Honor to lead this amazing group of awesome dudes!

Coffeteria followed and fun was had by ALL!!!!




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