40 in the new 20!

40 in the new 20!

Workout Date:



Handy Manny


High Interest, Rousey, Peterbilt, Skidmark, Boxcar, Sunshine, Buffet, Rubber, EL Red Cardo, Handy Manny

The Thang:

When YHC saw May 2nd was on a Wednesday I jumped on the Q sheet to take on the day.  After a great 3rd F last nights and some inspiration from Rousey I had the perfect birthday Q in store for the Pax this AM.


Conditions: Perfect

5:29 One minute warning

Quaker came in hot and handed off the flag to Sunshine. Flag planted! Lets get it on

5:30 Disclaimer! Lets roll.



  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 IW IC
  • 20 TTT IC
  • 20 Windmills IC
  • 20 LBAC forward IC
  • 20 LBAC reverse IC
  • 20 Overhead claps IC
  • 20 Overhead press IC (While in the squat position)
  • 20 LBC IC
  • 20 Flutter Kicks IC


  • Tabata Burpees

Bear crawl to the tree

Crawl bear back

  • Tabata Mountain climbers (Stay in plank no matter what) Merlot to the middle if you need too!

Mosey to the field house

  • Tabata dips

2 groups of 5 one group bear crawl to the gate and back while the other group crawl bears

  • Tabata jump knee tuck (4 rounds)
  • Tabata merkins ffor the last 4 rounds



  • 20 Flutter kicks
  • 20 Big boys
  • crawl bear or bear crawl to the post depending on your group


  • May 19th Mud run
  • May 19th Sunset Beach road races (Ainsley’s Angels opportunity’s) get with Peterbilt


Always a pleasure to lead. Thanks Pax. Great work!


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  1. Great Q! Honored that I inspired you.
    Mental note: no more inspiring Handy…that was a fanny kicker even with little running. Happy 40th man!

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