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Beefsteak,Quaker,Cross Stitch,Kiwi,ERC, Candy Cane,Lombardi,Einstein,Texas Ranger,First Base,Jetah,Humpback,Speedbump,Tiny Dancer,Drifter, Jingles

The Thang:

CONDITIONS: Temp was in the low 70’s. Not as refreshing as the weekend but better than it has been for several weeks. As I pulled into the AO 12minutes early I realized that more than a few eager pre runners had beat me there and were already burning calories.


YHC had been planning a Merkin inspired beatdown but Cross Stitch stole my thunder Monday with his Merkin Monday Bit, so as every F3 pax is trained to do, I modified. The 400 had a nice sound to it so I continued his theme with Curls for the Girls. As I write this, my biceps are already reminding me of today’s event.


15- Harry Rockettes

15- TTT  IC

15-Windmills  IC



15- Inverted seal claps

15- Predator Squats

We did a mosey down the sidewalk to the streetlamp at Avalon to complete our warmup with a 15 Monkey Humper salute to any early morning commuters passing by. Then we mosied to the coupon pile grabbed our favorite coupon and went to the big P.L. and partnered for some DORA?

100 Big Boys

200 Curls

300 Bent over Rows

The alternating partner would walk halfway of the PL while doing O.H. Presses and return. This created some negative grunts and mumble chatter and was later modified with an option to run instead. I knew we had 200 more curls to sneak in so I yielded. After the numbers were completed we did 4 laps around the small ball field. Each lap was completed with 50 coupon curls for a total of 400 curls for the day! No time for MARY today.

We ended with announcements and YHC prayed us out.

It was truly an honor to lead this great group of men!