Sunday – You Can Rest After the Beatdown!

Sunday – You Can Rest After the Beatdown!

Workout Date:





ElRedCardo, Vitamin D, Geno, Lombardi, Flash, Skidmark (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions:  About 70 and muggy.  Lighting off in the distance, but not close enough to deter these 6 men.

5:59 One minute warning & walk to beach.

6:00 Disclaimer

COP:  20 SSH IC, 15 TTT IC, 20 Imp Walkers IC, 22 Merkins OYO, 5 Burpees OYO

The Thang:

  • Mosey North up beach to next beach access/park.  Partnered up & PAX 1 did Rocky Balboas while PAX 2 did 40 Dips, then switch.  Repeat with 35 Dips, 30 Dips, 25 Dips, & finally 20 Dips.
  • Mosey North up Blvd to Pull Up station.  PAX 1 did 10 Pull Ups while the other PAX took turns calling out the next exercise.  Repeated through all PAX twice.
  • Mosey North up Blvd to another Pull Up station.  2 PAX did Pull Ups while the other 4 did SSH.  Repeated so each PAX did 2 sets of Pull Ups.
  • Mosey through nearest beach access back to beach to work our way back South.  Partnered up to do Wheelbarrow about 30 yards and switch for about 30 more yards.
  • Short Mosey, Bear Crawl about 40 yards, & Mosey a bit more.
  • Burpee Broad Jump for about 25 yards.  Burpee Burpee Jump Jump for about 25 yards.
  • Mosey back to starting point with a couple minutes to do 20 Flutter Kicks IC &  30 LBCs OYO.



Lombardi announced info about a Pelicans game for PAX, Ms, & 2.0s Aug 27.  Brief but important mention about the Saturday workout at the Men’s Shelter.  Thoughts were given for a couple PAX and their families.  May have been some mumble chatter about Sunday not being for rest anymore – I took that as a compliment.

Honor to lead – Skidmark

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