The Pallet Goes Where We Go

The Pallet Goes Where We Go

Workout Date:





Buffett, Beaf Steak, Sunshine, El Red Cardo, Skidmark (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions:  About 77 and humid.  Light rain for about 2 minutes at start.

0529 – 1 minute warning

0530 – Disclaimer

COP:  20 SSHs IC, 15 TTTs IC, 20 Imp Walkers IC, 20 LBACs IC, 20 Reverse IC, 20 OH Presses IC, & 20 Cherry Pickers IC

The Thang:

We worked our way around the AO while PAX took turns pushing a pallet to different exercise locations.

  • 1st stop:  4x4s – 4 Merkins, 4 Mtn Climbers IC, Stand Up x 6.
  • 2nd stop:  Jack Webbs up to 8 Merkins & 32 OH Presses.
  • 3rd stop:  Shortened DORA partner workout – 50 Carolina Dry Docks, 100 LBCs, 150 Squats.
  • 4th stop:  11s – Dips and Box Jumps/Step Ups.  (At this point we are in front of the concession stand.)
  • 5th stop:  Sprint 25 yards, 25 SSHs, & back.  Sprint 50 yards, 25 Flutter Kicks 4 count, & back.  Sprint 75 yards, 25 Big Boys, & back.  Sprint 100 yards.  (PAX took turns moving the pallet 25 yards at a time.)
  • 6th stop:  Circle Burp – 3 rounds with the last being a lighting round.
  • 7th stop:  (Now back at Shovel Flag) Hold arms for 100 Calf Raises.

El Red Cardo was happy to take the pallet back to its home so we could finish with a round of Mary consisting of:  15 Box Cutters IC, 15 Freddy Mercurys IC, 15 Alt Shoulder Taps IC, 15 Hello Dollys IC, 15 Mtn Climbers IC, & various Plank holds for 2 minutes.



Honor to lead – Skidmark

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