Here there be Mud Wrens

Here there be Mud Wrens

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Co-Q - Big Love and Little Love (2.0)


Bluegrass, Whittle, Stuffed Crust, Goldberg, Hoedown, Little Love (2.0 - QIC), Big Love (QIC)

The Thang:


73 degrees, partly cloudy

On Tuesday prior to departing, Grasspatch EH’d Little Love and YHC into doing a Co-Q.  We nervously agreed and our conversation back to the house was nothing short of giddy excitement. This was the first Q for both of us, so we spent a lot of time over the next couple days on the planning to the point that our productivity began to suffer.  It was then that Little Love with his adolescent wisdom reminded me of the K.I.S.S. principle. (Wow, he actually has been listening to me) From there we assembled the ideas into a workout, formed a contingency plan, and it was done.

We headed out early to scope out the conditions and it was quickly determined that we would have to use the contingency plan.  We walked the route, reformed our plan and headed to the – “Oh No!’… I failed to coordinate getting the ShovelFlag. We will have to ask that it be overlooked this time and chalk it up to lesson learned.

All was quiet as time was quickly approaching, but we could see a couple pre-runners circling in the distance so we knew there would at least be a small group.  Then as if on cue, PAX began rolling in… led by Goldberg on two wheels, volume up and Stone Temple Pilots delightfully clearing the silence of the gloom.

5:14 One Minute Warning called

5:15 Disclaimer


20 SSH – IC
5 Burpees – OYO
15 Imperial Walkers – IC

5 Burpees – OYO
15 Hillbillies – IC

5 Burpees – OYO
15 Tempo Squats – IC

We brought along a 40lb sand “burden” that would be travel with us. Indian Run with the burden at the front, the end of the line doing a Merkin and heading to the front of the line and taking over the “burden” from his F3 brother.  Mosey around the building and head to the hill.

Modified Dora – 100 Merkins / 100 BBSU / 100 Squats with a focus on full range of motion.

PAX 1 backpedals up the hill, sprint back down, take over from your partner.

Indian Run with our “burden” to the baseball fields “control tower”.  Starting with an exercise at the center, then Indian Run down each of the 4 sidewalks, returning the center for another exercise.

Burpees x 10 plank on six

Lunge x 10 hold squat on six

Flutter kicks x 20 IC

LBC’s (fwd/rev), Air Presses x 20 IC

Indian Run back to… ugh, I forgot the flag.

At this point the mumble chatter was picking up which showed us we apparently left folks with plenty of reserve oxygen.  Little Love’s and YHC’s both have a love/hate perspective toward running, however, we continue to strive toward improving. So, when we planned the workout, we made sure to incorporate running, with a “burden”, that would allow for a changing pace.

As we made it back to the parking lot the “burden” got into Hoedown’s hands and he challenged us all by gleefully breaking into a rather impressive jailbreak jog. YHC will occasionally chuckle quietly wondering what passing motorists think.


With a couple of minutes remaining, 10 reps with the “burden” and pass to the next PAX until all had a turn…

80 Overhead Presses

80 Calf Raises

Maybe something else… but I don’t recall.  Shouldn’t have taken so long to complete this backblast.  Another lesson learned.


Solid work and support from these HIM! Little Love would like to say that he really had fun, thank you for the opportunity to lead, and it was a great feeling to be part this group.


Count-O-Rama – 8


Prayers for families, children and friends

Prayers for travel

Prayers for weather

Prayers for Pert

Prayer requests unspoken

BOM by Hoedown


Lombardi has worked out tickets to the Pelican game on Monday, August 27.  Contact Lombardi, he needs a headcount.  PAX, M’s, 2.0s.  FREE!!!!

2nd F lunch was at 3 Guys Pizza


Proverbs 27:17 “Iron Sharpens Iron, so a man sharpeneth the countenance of of his friends”

This workout was assembled with a “burden” in an effort to remind us that we are truly a band of brothers. Similar to friendships, a team has checks and balances where we have each other’s back, help each other if we falter. Real friends will challenge each other to get better and hold you accountable in word and deed. This day we worked as a team of friends and brothers, and joyfully carried a common “burden” among us. That friendship, that teamwork, where iron sharpened iron clearly demonstrated an Espirit de Corps that we are proud to be a part of.  It was truly an honor to Q.

Big Love & Little Love



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